Manic Month Of May

My bad guts feelings are right. I could feel creepily that the month of May is a jinx month for Cass and me.

Yesterday I went back to my dentist as my gums and adjacent teeth still hurt 8 days after my premolar tooth extraction. No doubt, it was a very difficult extraction as the tooth was in-grown. And I found out just yesterday that the dentist trimmed my adjacent teeth so that the plier could reach the ‘cacat’ tooth. No wonder there is this nagging sensitive feeling and pain in the neighbor teeth and gums! And upon checking my gums, the dentist found out that there is a slight infection of the gums. So the only easy way to go to treat the pain is oral antibiotics πŸ™

Dang the antibiotics as it is now causing me tummy discomfort and diarrhea. Actually I welcome the diarrhea to purge my guts of toxins but not the nagging tummy discomfort and drowsiness.

You see, I told you this month is doomed for me!

Never mind, only 3 more days to go before June rolls in.

After the emergency dental appointment in the morning, I rushed home to get some online work done as I had to bring Cass to see the Urologist in the afternoon. After a 1.5 hour wait, we were finally called to see the doctor.

After a long chat with the doctor (never knew HKL has such dedicated and hardworking doctors!!), the doctor has agreed to accede to my request of not letting Cass go through the CT Scan with IV contrast yet. And she has acceded to my request of not starting Cass on the oral meds for her bladder until her constipation issue is sorted out. This is because one of the side effects of the oral meds is constipation. Now I am waiting for a date from the hospital for Cass to do an ultrasound scan.

If something abnormal is picked up during the detailed ultrasound scan, Cass would have to do a CT Scan with IV contrast. And if indeed the CT Scan shows a hidden duplex or triplex kidney, my baby would require another surgery to correct the problem, so that her incontinence issue is solved. If that happens, it will be the third time Cass’ abdomen gets cut up *SOBS* πŸ™


I need loads of prayers for Cass now. And I pray that there is no structural abnormality in her urinary tract. Only a miracle can resolve Cass’ issues now.

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