And The Nightmare Begins…

The nightmare has just begun for 2 weeks of hacking, drilling, dust and mess in the house *sobs*

The past 2 days we did a lot of packing, sealing and moving to our aunt’s unit in the same block as ours.

The real nightmare on Elm Street begins tomorrow!

 photo renovation2_zpse5c42ea8.jpg


As online work continues for me, I will still be at my unit during the day, amidst the deafening hacking and trashing of my walls. The hubs bought 2 humungous rolls of clear plastic sheets to stick on the ceiling and floor to partition my work area and the dining area from the walls that need to be hacked, as seen in the picture below.

We are installing new water pipes for the entire unit.

 photo renovation1_zpsc76e7de6.jpg


For the past 1.5 days, my work area is like a hot oven as the ceiling fan and air-conditioner cannot be turned on. The windows are 90% closed as we do not want wind to blow off the plastic sheets. Working at my desk is torturous!! I. Hate. Renovations!


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