Messy, Messier, Dustiest, Havoc-kest!

This is my once clean and dust-free warm abode…

renovation 1
Now the walls are hacked and the entire place looks like a post-earth quake shattered unit *sobs*

 photo Renoday2a_zpsa95a42aa.jpg



Even with plastic sheets, the darn workers’ rough handling tore down the sheets and my work area and dining area are freaking dusty!!! I asked the old fart supervisor to stick it back but he was reluctant, stupid grumpy old man!

 photo Renoday2c_zpse5f6ffc6.jpg



The master bedroom…

 photo Renoday2b_zpsaecd328e.jpg


Looks like we will have days and weeks of cleaning up to do. Every single item in the house needs a good wipe after the renovation. What a school holiday 🙁


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