More Cameron Highlands Trip Pix (9-10 June 2014)

Here are more pictures of our Cameron Highlands trip 🙂


At the gloriously scenic Bharat tea plantation.
 photo Camerons3_zps60568b52.jpg




Pretty girls all in a row.
 photo Camerons4_zpse322247d.jpg


After tucking into some delish scones with freshly brewed Bharat tea leaves teh tarik at the tea house (picture below), we walked down to the tea plantation for a cam-whoring session.  Running up the steep steps from the tea plantation to the top (chasing the littlest monkey who could zig zag her way up so swiftly!!) left me breathless and at one point, I felt I was gasping and could not breathe! Oh no, I hope I am not a potential asthma patient like my mum!

 photo 20140609_175633_zpsutrtqwab.jpg


At the beautiful flower garden that we nicknamed the ‘Secret Garden’ at the Smokehouse Hotel.

 photo CameronsSmokehouse6_zps7008c070.jpg

 photo CameronsSmokehouse2_zps4f976b7a.jpg


Melt-in-the-mouth scones from the coffee house of Smokehouse Hotel, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Can you spot someone with a sulky face hiding?

 photo CameronsSmokehouse3_zpsadcefc97.jpg



Cass was in a foul mood when we were at the Smokehouse Hotel coffee house and refused to be in the photo *rolls eyes*!

 photo CameronsSmokehouse4_zps9ae14753.jpg


At the flower garden of the hotel that we stayed in – Casa De’La Rosa Hotel.  One of the things that I love about Camerons is the beautiful fresh flowers everywhere in full bloom all year round.

 photo CameronsCasaRosa1_zps0b820a6e.jpg



My dad brought the girls to the temple to pay respect to their great grandparents (my dad’s parents). This is the lion that my 2 brothers and I used to stand on to pose almost every year during Chinese New Year when we were younger.  Now, my own three kids are standing on the same lion’s feet 🙂
 photo CameronsTemple_zpsb3589c60.jpg


At Kasimanis Strawberry Farm. Strawberries are not in season now, thus we could not see any red strawberries in full bloom, what a pity 🙁
 photo CameronsKasimanis_zps386674bb.jpg



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