Ranting And Letting It Go

I am feeling the blues today. It feels like Monday today though it is a Tuesday. Yesterday was a replacement school holiday for Alycia and Sherilyn as it was their school sports day on Saturday. We went out shopping the whole of yesterday. Hubs bought new Nike shoes for everyone, including a pair of running shoes for me in my favorite color PINK 🙂

So what’s causing the blues and misery?

Work related. One of my suppliers to be exact. I have had enough of her crap. She has been giving me different stories, giving me different EDAs (estimated date of arrival) for my stock and deviating from her original EDAs (by few months!) and practicing double standard in the way she handles her business and customers. It is because of these crap from her, I may be seen as an incompetent seller in the eyes of my customers, delaying their orders for such a long time. And the quality of her clothing has deteriorated too.  Quality is one of  the most important priorities to me. I can still accept a supplier who writes English incomprehensible to me (and to other people), who does not accept constructive criticisms and complaints from customers and some other flaws as well… but if the quality of the products is sub-standard and she does not acknowledge this fact, this I cannot accept.

So decisions, decisions, decisions now! I am undecided if I should ditch this supplier or suck up to her nonsense. I have been dealing with her for over 3 years. As her business expands, her tact and business ethics and efficiency have declined considerably, to the extent that I feel I cannot trust her anymore.  Actually she has never really been reasonably efficient and tactful from day one. And I consoled myself, telling myself that all supplier are like this, coz from my 4.5 years of dealing with suppliers, 8 out of 10 of these suppliers have the same traits and attitude :O

The thought of calling it quits once and for all and taking a short break keeps surfacing in my mind once again.  Plus my current part-time maid issues is still not totally resolved yet, causing me to feel stressed out as I have to juggle my time between online work and household chores, not to mention minding my 3 very challenging girls. Sometimes I drop all the balls when juggling them 🙁 Thoughts of being a full-time SAHM has also resurfaced.    Yada yada, sorry for this rant. This blog is supposed to be a blog of happy things with happy smiley kids. But this one person has been the thorn in my heart for days now and I can’t seem to remove the thorn from within.  I must “let it go, let it go…” (to the song of Frozen’s Let It Go) 🙁



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