Eventful & Frightful Day For Alycia

Today Alycia’s transporter arrived at our condo about half an hour late after school. When I picked her up at the lobby, Alycia who looked dazed said this to me the moment she saw me “mummy, something REALLY BAD happened right in front of my face!”

I thought it was those pesky giant ghost moths again as those moths have been swarming and invading our condo lately and scaring us out of our pants when they fly out from no where like a ghost and flutter their black wings right in front of us.

But no. It was much worse.

Me – did the big ghost moth flutter its wings at your face??

Alycia – NO NO!! My friend N vomited blood and she choked. Then aunty J stopped the van at the roadside and asked for help. She was jumping, crying, praying and everyone in the van cried!! She kept screaming for help at the road side!

Me – (SHOCKED!!) What happened? How is N now? Why did she vomit blood? Did you & Sherilyn cry too?

Alycia – no we didn’t cry but I am….errr…. gosh! (very very traumatized!) You know, there was SO. MUCH. BLOOD!! N vomitted SO MUCH BLOOD!! I thought she was going to die!!

According to Aunty J (whom I called later to get the details) and Alycia, N started to vomit in the van and then all of a sudden, she choked. This happened near the school. Aunty J stopped her van and sought help from passers-by and stall owners. N kept complaining that she could not breathe and kept saying “I choked”. Aunty J then asked N to put her finger into her throat to try to gag herself to induce vomiting. And guess what N did? She put her entire hand in and then vomited lots of blood! Some passers-by gave her plain rice to swallow, which she did. She vomited food and lots of slimy blood according to Aunty J.

A good samaritan who happened to be a parent from the school helped to bring N to the nearest hospital while Aunty J followed his car from behind. Aunty J told me that she was delirious and absolutely shaken. She said that she should not have cried, which made most of the kids in the van cry too. Outside the hospital, she left the van engine turned on and locked the door with all the kids in the van. She then followed the samaritan with N to the hospital’s A&E.

N is now at the hospital and according to Aunty J who visited her in the hospital, she is still waiting for the doctor to do a thorough check-up on her.

Gawd, that was really a very, very terrifying experience for everyone in the van today. I pray that all is well with N and that nothing serious has happened internally. And I pray that this will never happen to my girls too. I think I will probably faint if I get a call on my phone conveying this sort of news to me.

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