Splashing Good Time

Here is Cass having a splashing good time with  B, her friend living in the same block as ours yesterday…



 photo Cassswimswithbelle_zps0bf3af67.jpg

B is a few months older than Cass and a better swimmer than Cass.

Cass seems to get her breathing technique wrong and she would struggle to breathe in air at the 2nd or 3rd head turning  whenever she swims free-style.

And I just discovered a way for her to overcome her phobia — by letting her swim and play with B.

B likes to jump into the water. Cass likes to follow suit and would jump after B jumps in. This way, I could see that Cass is overcoming her phobia in a relaxed and fun environment when her swimming instructor is not there. Also, with peer pressure, we all tend to perform better under ‘good stress’ 🙂

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