Blueberry Overnight Oats For Breakfast On A Hazy Morning

Everyone at home is under the weather, with cough, phlegm and runny nose.  The weather is partly to be blamed, plus I must admit that we all over-indulged in musang-king and red prawn DURIANS 😀

Today is pretty hazy and I think the haze is back again after giving us a respite for a week.

I did not feel like eating anymore durians this morning, though there are still some more left in the fridge.  Much as I love gorging myself sinfully with durians, my body is unable to take the heatiness, sadly 🙁     So I had my cold and creamy overnight oats, soaked with macadamia nuts, pistachios, bananas and topped with fresh blueberries for my mid-morning breakkie today.

 photo 8650e6cc-4e86-41e3-934f-1b1fd8081d8c_zpsb6410ca3.jpg
And this was our brunch (only part of the food is shown in the below picture) at Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens yesterday.   We were in so much luck yesterday as there was no queue yet outside Sushi Zanmai when we reached there at 10:45am, though it was already 90% occupied inside the restaurant.  If you do not want the wait, I would advise you to reach there before 11am.

Sushi zanmai Sun 6 jul 2014


The lobster was so so succulent and yummeh! I really don’t mind eating this 3x a day for a week!  Looking at the food is already making my tummy growl now!  But I need my beauty sleep more before I turn into a walking zombie tomorrow. Nite nite everyone!



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