My Bad Tuesday, Not That Bad After All

Today has been a bad day for me.  I wasted over 10 hours of my precious time salvaging and restoring my precious photos that had been posted in my recent and previous blog posts for all my 3 blogs.  All these photos were uploaded at Photobucket.

And I feel SO SO tricked.  Photobucket is a scam!  It lures you with free upload of photos up to a certain bandwidth, after which, when you exceed the bandwidth, the links of all the photos in your blog linked to Photobucket will be disconnected until you buy their service, in USD! In other words, Photobucket is trying to corner you. If you have a blog and your photos are uploaded using Photobucket, you will have very little choice but to buy their service just so your photos remain in your blog.  This is not the case with the old Picasa.  I used to upload my photos using the old Picasa. Though I had exceeded my bandwidth with the old Picasa, all my earlier photos were still intact in my blogs. The only thing is I could no longer upload new photos.

With Photobucket, I feel so tricked. And I am so not going to buy their monthly or yearly subscription, NEVER, period!

While googling how best to store and upload my photos, I discovered the new Picasa via  If I did not read or misinterpret it wrongly, there is unlimited storage space, thanks to Google! 🙂

So while I was sorting out my photos, I found these old photos of my 3 darlings when they were toddlers.

Looking at these photos make me miss their baby and toddler days so much!!

Alycia was such a gorgeous baby!!

And so is Sherilyn!  And my baby Cass!



My head feels so heavy now, after spending the whole freaking day trying to do ‘reimplantation’ to my photos, by trying to out-trick Photobucket, using some of the skills that I discovered via trial and error in my 7 years of blogging.  For photos that I cannot ‘reimplant’, I had to re-upload them all over again.  The more I think of it, the more irate I get!  In fact, some of my old blogs posts are without photos, no thanks to Photobucket and I will just leave them as they are as I just don’t have the time to upload them again, one by one.  But it is always through failure that one finds a better way of doing things and I am so glad that I discovered another better way of uploading my photos.  Hopefully, the new Picasa and will not disappoint me in time to come.




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