Baked Mission Wraps With Beef Bolognese and Tuna Mayo

Alycia and Cass liked the beef bolognese wraps that I made two days ago so much that they have been pestering me to make them again.

Since the MIL has a date with her friends tonight and did not cook, I made this sweat-free delish baked wraps again.  Sherilyn the social butterfly has gone on a date with her bff, B… again!  Hubs has gone on a date with his bunch of basketball mates. And I had a dinner date with just my 2 sweetie-pies tonight 🙂

I used Mission wholegrain wraps.


Three pieces were wrapped with leftover beef bolognese and the other three pieces were wrapped with tuna mayo.  They were baked in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.


The wraps were very crispy and the tuna mayo ones tasted like crispy spring rolls.  The ones with beef bolognese and cheese fillings tasted like lasagne.  The 2 fussy pots enjoyed their simple and delish dinner very much!


Now that the 2 girls are well fed and happy, I have to continue stock-checking and packing my customers’ parcels.  Tomorrow will be revision day with Alycia and Sherilyn as their 3rd term exam is in a week’s time.

Happy weekend peeps! 🙂



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