Best Mother In The Whole Wide World

I am supposed to be doing something more important now but I have to journal this down in my blog so that when Cass grows up and reads this, this post will serve as a reminder to her of what she had said to me when she was 6 years old.

And Cassandra, you better keep your words.  If you ever forget, this is what you said to mummy on this Sunday night, 13 July 2014:

You kept telling me this and even made out a song and  sang it out earnestly to me:

“Mummy, you are the best mother I could ever ask for (you kept repeating this line non-stop like a parrot, lol!). You are the best mother in the whole wide world and best mother on this planet. You have done everything to save my life and to save me from trouble and pain. I would never want to see you get hurt, harm or die. I never want to leave you.  When I grow up, I want to write a book on you – the best mother I could ever ask for!”

Your last sentence on you writing a book about me made my eyes wet a little and I smiled a little. And we prayed together a little before I tucked you to bed.

And you have also said this to me umpteen times: “mummy,  when I grow up, I want to buy a big bungalow and I want you to stay with me and cook for me. I love your cooking”

This is you, my adorable baby girl, when you were about 3 months old, to one of your never-ending hospital  visits.  Though we had to go through countless number of painful days and  moments together, I still loved being with you every moment of your life.

May you be blessed by the good Lord with many, many more years of healthy and happy life 🙂



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