Black Monday

Black Monday and Monday Blues, that’s how my Monday is today.

Damn that alarm clock of mine, that died down on me, it failed to wake me up again!  I always have my mobile phone alarm as back-up to wake me up but dang it, I had left it at my work desk last night!

So instead of waking up at 4:45am, I was jolted up from bed at 6:15am when I took a closer look at the damn alarm clock in the still of the darkness.  With just 15 minutes before the transporter arrived, I quickly woke Alycia and Sherilyn up. Told them to settle their drinks themselves.  No time for breakfast.  No time to dilly dally. No time to even poo.  They just had to get dressed up first and do the rest later, if they have the time. Poor girls didn’t even get to eat breakfast.

I felt as if I was rushing to catch a train or plane that was about to leave.  But we managed to reach the lobby just in the nick of time, phew!  I. Hate. Waking Up Late!

Today’s mission is to buy another alarm clock. Perhaps I should even buy two alarm clocks as back-up!






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