Eve Of The Girls’ Exam

It’s the exam season once again. My desktop PC was dominated by Alycia and Sherilyn for the past 2 days.   I prefer to use online Tatabahasa notes (mostly prepared by teachers) to guide the girls as there are more visuals to accompany the notes and they remember better when shown information in colorful slides. Sample UPSR test papers can also be found and printed online.

It is only now that I get to warm my seat and have control over my PC and it is slightly over 11pm now.  I have only 15 minutes to do a short post before I hit the sack.  My day begins at 4:45am once again tomorrow.

It’s the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn’s exam today and as usual, they only started to feel a slight pressure to do some serious revision at the eleventh hour.  Someone still daydreams and needs me to gawk at her like a hawk. Each time I leave the table, her mind and eyes will stray off! She is like an airplane that needs close monitoring on the radar. I felt like strangling her!! It is me who always likes early preparation but not my girls.  Nothing that I say would make them panic and start preparing earlier. I always tell them the rules of reaping what you sow but they are still as cool as cucumbers! *roll eyeballs*! I hope Cass will be easier to manage next year.

Despite being the eve of their exam, we had a nice dim sum lunch at a Chinese restaurant today and then went groceries shopping at Bangsar Village.

Dinner was strictly no cooking as I did not want to do much washing. I wanted to use my golden hours to do as much revision as I can with Alycia and Sherilyn. There are so many topics to cover and I think I missed out some.

So for dinner, I ordered Papa John’s pizza to be delivered to us.



Good luck girls and I really hope you will remember all your last minute stuffing and overloading of information tomorrow!

And to those with kiddos sitting for their exams tomorrow, all the best to your kids too! 🙂




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