Blast From The Past – Hidden Treasure

During the girls’ school holiday spent in Ipoh in June 2014, while my mum was digging out my old ‘treasure’ from her antique ‘treasure chest’ for the girls consisting of my three-decade old collection of Sanrio stationery items, the girls stumbled upon some old post cards in a chocolate box where I put all my most loved things.

They were some post cards that my dear papa sent to me from Japan and Taiwan, dating back to December 1984.  I was 10 years old then.  I felt like I was going through a real time tunnel when I read the post cards.  I still remember very vividly receiving those post cards after waiting for them for weeks. I remember standing at the front door to wait for the postman to come everyday. I would run out of the house to check the post box each time the postman on bicycle rang the bell on his bicycle.

When I finally received the post card from my papa, I remember reading it over and over and over again, till I could purge out every single word in the post card when I closed my eyes 🙂

This post card from my papa is dated 6 December 1984, sent from Osaka, Japan.    He told me that he went round looking for the musical box that I had requested him to buy for me but they were all too expensive, so he did not buy one.  He told me that he would get the musical box for me from Taiwan at his next stop.


Hidden treasure – post cards from my papa that I had kept for 30 glorious years!


The next post card from my papa, sent from Taiwan, dated 10 December 1984.  He told me that he could still not find me a musical box.  I was crestfallen.


But a big surprise awaited me when he returned to Ipoh from his holiday!   He surprised me with a very pretty musical box and loads of goodies from Tokyo Disneyland!  I remember clearly that he bought me a very cute bag in the shape of Mickey Mouse head and three gigantic pencils, each for my brothers and me from Tokyo Disneyland. That day was one of the happiest for me as a little girl. Life back then was so simple.   Those gifts from overseas meant so much to a 10-year old ‘kampung’ girl, LOL!

In my next trip to Ipoh, I must remember to hunt for the musical box that my papa bought for me. I know it is hidden in the same treasure chest.

How many of you are still keeping the letters and post cards that you parents or friends sent to you when you were a kid? Apart from these post cards from my papa, I am still keeping the letters that my best friends and pen pals from Germany and Hong Kong sent to me.  They are priceless gems!  Reading them gives me the warm fuzzies 🙂



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