The Things Some Mindless Drivers Do

The other day when I was driving Cass back from kindy, I saw a man driving a Kelisa. My eyes almost popped out when I saw that he was carrying a baby girl (about 8-9 months old) with his left hand and maneuvering the steering wheel with his other hand!! No one else was in the car. He was making a left turn on a busy main road… very slowly. What if his baby wails, whines or struggles? Or throws up and kicks up a big fuss? That area is a busy business centre with heavy traffic. He cannot possibly stop short in the middle of the road to attend to his restless or crying baby.

The next day, I saw a lady driving her car… with a dog sharing her seat!  The pooch was seated in front of her, facing the steering wheel.  It was about 6:45 in the morning when the skies were still partially dark.

And then there is this elderly man in his mid sixties who would park his car about 5 meters away from the traffic lights and hogging almost three quarter of the left lane every single morning at my neighborhood. I can see that his mobility ain’t very efficient but hello, why do you want to park your car right smack in the middle of the road to the inconvenience of other road users?  I can only surmise that he is doing it just so he does not have to find a space to park his car. Also,  he can get into his car and drive away easily without having to pay for car park.  He does this every single morning and I think he eats his breakfast at the nearby coffee shops. His car poses a danger to all the motorists as it is obstructing the traffic and some motorists driving hastily to work could possibly ram into this old man’s car, thinking that it is a moving car.

In today’s Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper, my MIL showed me the picture of an incident in Taiwan. Someone snapped a picture of that car with a kid sitting on top of the car roof!  Mind you the kid was not sitting inside a car with part of his body protruding through the sunroof.  The kid sat on top of the roof of the car!  What kind of parents would allow the child to sit precariously on a car roof?   W. T. Fool!!

Lack of foresight and brainless are all I can think of to label these people.

Short cuts in life do not guarantee time saved. In fact, it may be disastrous and you end up wasting more time.

Why wait for an accident or something tragic to happen before some people realize their mistakes and foolishness? Haiz…



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One thought on “The Things Some Mindless Drivers Do

  1. Well some drivers just want to do what they want to do – like the cars are their home and the roads are also their home where they can just do anything that they want.

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