Manic Monday – 3 November 2014

My Monday today started off really really bad in the morning. I almost burnt down the kitchen while reheating some pizzas for the drama queen in the toaster, I kid you not!! It was the first time that I saw a mini inferno in the kitchen!! I shall write about this in my other blog when I have the time to. Because of all the cleaning up I had to do in the kitchen, I had totally forgotten to pack Alycia’s lunch box, bummer! Have I told you that many times when I was with the drama queen or doing somefink for her, some really dramatic and unforgettable events happened? They were mostly hilarious and some were heart-stopping like the one that happened this morning. Pure coincidences I guess ha!

In the lift with Alycia just now, she announced to me that her class position has improved in her final exam! 🙂 Her standard position has also climbed up a few notches but she is not happy at all! That’s because she will now be transferred to the top elite class next year, when she starts Stardard 6. She is now in the 2nd elite class and feeling very comfortable there. In their school, there are 2 elite classes for each standard. She pleaded with me to write an appeal letter to the school principal to allow her to remain in the 2nd elite class next year. But what excuse am I to give?! Pray tell, what reasonable excuse I am to state in the letter? That my daughter is thankful that she has been promoted to the first elite class but she is not ready to accept it as she does not wish to be in the fierce competitive environment? Or just omit stating the reason and just thank the school for the ‘promotion’ but reject it? The girl has been bugging me non-stop for the appeal letter ever since she reached home but I am not typing it out just yet. I shall crank up the stove now to prepare an early dinner for everyone as the drama queen has to have dinner by 6pm. She has hip hop dance class at 7pm. And I am a tad glad that my stint as chief cook in the kitchen will officially end today. The mil will be back from Hong Kong tomorrow! 😀



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FrogAsia – A one-stop shop for all your educational needs

Hear ye hear ye everyone with primary and secondary school kids in Malaysia’s public schools! Your kid(s) may have already told you about this educational website but if they or you have not already known yet, let me introduce you to FrogAsia.

FrogAsia, a YTL company, is the first company in the world to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform. You and your child will not be charged any data costs while accessing Frog on their network, so everyone can enjoy unlimited access to their world of learning anytime, anywhere!

Through the 1BestariNet project, FrogAsia is bringing the future of education to every student, teacher and parent in Malaysia. Combining high-speed 4G internet access, a world class learning platform and access to ‘best-in-class’ resources and technology, Malaysia is the first country in the world to bring its entire education community together on a single converged network designed specifically to meet the needs of teaching and learning.  1BestariNet is a project initiated by the Malaysian Ministry of Education in line with the government’s vision of providing quality, Internet-enabled education for all.  Over 10,000 government schools around the country will be equipped with this awesome solution, bridging the digital divide between rural and urban students.

I first got to know about Frog Asia when Alycia and Sherilyn came home from school one day some time early this year and told me that their teachers had instructed everyone to log into this website. The students were required to explore the website and try out the apps and features at

Your child will first need to register at the FrogAsia website. For Alycia and Sherilyn, they were given a set of log in data by their school (they are in a cluster school).

The website is pretty kids friendly. It is Sherilyn, my drama queen who taught me how to navigate around the website.  And boy was I impressed with what I found in there! Everything that is available at the FrogAcademy is on the left side bar of the Frog Store from resources to documents, books, images, videos, audio, question banks and much more.

Your kids can even gain access to their school text books at the FrogAsia website! So worry not if your kid has forgotten to bring home an important text book for revision. She/he will be able to read the text book by hopping into FrogAsia.

Here is a sample of how the eText book looks like…


Alycia and Sherilyn have added over 50 e-books into their ‘My Library’ at the FrogAsia website. They can read them on their iPad or lappie during their free time.


This is how the eBook looks like…


They were jumping with excitement when they found Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the Fun Brain app, in eBook form!



Interesting eComics are also accessible for free!


Parents can buy questions for their child to work on from the FrogAcademy at a minimal cost of only a few Ringgit per subject. Since the Question Banks is still at its Beta stage, only Form 4, Form 5 and SPM questions can be purchased at the moment. But very soon, questions for primary students and other levels will be readily available for purchase. You can pay via M2U or credit card. There will soon be sample UPSR questions for purchase as well.


Parents can check their kid(s)’ work from the questions that they have bought from the Question Banks and monitor them, as shown below…


Educational videos can be added to your ‘My Library’ and they are free to view!


Under the Resources category, you can add flash cards, free images, free sounds, Funbrain (my girls love this category) and much more to your ‘My Library’.



FrogAsia has a partnership with Google, which means that your child can assess to a buffet of interesting education materials from FrogAsia, which will bring them over to Google Apps to assess the educational materials. So make sure you or your child has a Google Chrome account as well.



FrogAsia is probably one of the best and most comprehensive local educational websites that I have come across. If your child’s school has not been introduced to this website yet, you can help your child register now and start letting him/her explore FrogAsia today. This is definitely a must have website bookmarked in all your electronic devices!



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