Our Sunday – 23 November 2014

We were out at Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall today. After lunch of dim sum at Han Room, we went our separate ways. Alycia and Sherilyn wanted to follow daddy coz daddy is a softie and will say yes to almost all their whims and fancies. Grandma and hubs’ aunt went shopping separately. And I wanted to do shopping. Cass was at a crossroad. She could not decide who she wanted to follow. Her heart wanted badly to be with her sisters. She stood there indecisively, shifting her eyes between ‘Team 1’ (comprising daddy and sisters, ha!) and ‘Team Mummy’ and had a hard time deciding. Finally she chose ‘Team Mummy’!  So much for watching too much of the Amazing Race with her sisters, haha!

While going down the escalator…

Cass – mummy, do you know why I chose you?

Me – why?

Cass – because that team has so many people already. You are alone, so I am giving you my support to be in your team! I will always support you just like how you have always supported me during my time in the hospitals.

Side track a bit. A few months ago during a pap smear procedure by my gynae, Cass followed me into the procedure room. When the doctor shoved the metal apparatus (whatcha call that?) into my down under, Cass held my hand assuringly and squeezed it just like how I did to hers during each of her procedure at the many hospitals that she went to. She told me that she wanted to support me just like how I have supported her. She also knows that I hate peeling crabs and prawns, so she does this tedious job for me and puts the crab / prawn flesh into my mouth with her hand each time we eat prawns and crabs 🙂

My baby girl tugged a string in my heart again today. She is really ‘tai sek’ (worth loving). And for having her join my ‘team’, I rewarded her with a cup of Boost Juice again! 😀

Cass is my ever willing model as well, helping me model some of the clothes that I sell at my online store.


Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope you are all having a great time chilling out with your family and friends.


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