Cass Says The Darndest Things

Just now Cass was commenting on how big my tummy was (again)!

Cass – mummy, your tummy is SO BIG! (and then hits it like a drum!)

Me – yeah, thanks to YOU!

Cass – why me??  YOU are the one who wanted 3 kids.  Don’t blame me OK!

See see see… see lar… only 6 but can bite me back with her laser tongue!

Happy Sunday friends! 🙂


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How To Log In To Your WordPress Blog If Your Dashboard Has Vanished

I tell you ar, this year is really a bad year for me.  There are stumbling blocks left right top bottom for me.  In everything that I do — from health to wealth to work to my overall mood the whole year long.  Hopefully  all the bad vibes and jinx will end too when the year 2014 ends.

Since yesterday, I have been unable to log in to this blog again.  “Could I be that jinx and could my blog be eaten up by virus again?” I thought to myself.  No way can my luck be so rotten right?  I refuse to accept my hard luck.  Today I tried to fix my blog problem myself.  I sat in front of my computer and clicked on every single icon I could see to check if something was blocked or deleted.  I emailed my blog host but the support staff could not help me too.  What?! Whatever.  I rather take matters in my own hands.  Then I googled for an answer and  then voila, I found a video tutorial on how to log in to my wordpress blog!

So guys, if you have a WordPress blog with your dashboard or Log In section that vanished overnight, fret not.  All you have to do is just type /wp-admin  after your blog’s URL, like this:


and then key in your username and password.  That’s it.  Easy peasy!

I feel a sense of achievement now. So glad that I manage to open the door to my blog again!

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