HFM’s Back But Still Not Out Of The Woods Yet!

Hey peeps, Health Freak Mommy is back after being in the pits for 2 days!   But she is not 100% out of the woods yet.

My domain host has already cleaned my blogs of virus. So the blogs are safe to visit now.  However, my site is still flagged by Google as my host has just only cleaned the site today.  We have already notified Google to whitelist the site but this  will take several days for Google to review and to whitelist my sites.

When you hop to my blog, you will still see the red Malware notice, as shown below. Click on details and click on ‘Visit this unsafe site’. No doubt it says unsafe, but it is now clear of virus.  It seems that the virus stemmed from the blog theme which we have now removed.



SIGH!!  This is the umpteenth time since late last year that my blogs have been injected with spam, virus, malware and possibly hacked.  I cannot even recall how many times my blogs had been compromised.

Enough of  my blogs being hacked.  See my kitchen below.  It was hacked today!  Hacking continues tomorrow. We have to engage a contractor to hack down all the kitchen wall tiles as the tiles are starting to bulge out from the wall, no thanks to the contractor who did a very shoddy renovation job to our unit 6 years ago.  Everything done by the contractor had to be redone by us at our own expenses now from the bathrooms and now to  the kitchen.  If we do not do anything about the tiles now,  the tiles will one day collapse onto someone unlucky who is in the kitchen. We definitely do not want that to happen.  And I. Hate. Renovations!  Our kitchens are in a mess and very, very dusty now.


So yup, my situation is one of messy now.   Blogs are in a mess. House is in a mess.  And my mind is in a mass of mess with too many issues to straighten out.   My non-stop emails with the domain host (my mind is boggled reading so many IT jargons), messages to customers and suppliers, cleaning up the mess in the house and groping in the dark in the kitchen as the light switches are all yanked out too.  But I am certain that this low point is just a passing phase.  Life is a roller coaster.  I will surely reach the top again 🙂




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