Babytots@Play Creative Play & Learn Centre

Kids love listening to music and experts say it might even help their cognitive development. Now there’s evidence that it may make little ones healthier as well!

According to music therapists, certain tones, rhythms, and vibrations can help treat various medical and behavioral problems. Songs with soothing melody and steady rhythm can also calm a colicky or teething baby.

For kids who have trouble following directions, try turning directions into rhythmic, catchy and sing-songy tunes. Rhythm is perceived differently by the brain, so kids are more attentive when you say things musically.

If you are finding a playschool for your little one around the Klang Valley, you may want to consider Babytots@play.


Babytots@play offer fun & educational music and movement classes for babies, toddlers’ children for age group of 6 months to 4+ years old. The programs are structured into Baby Boost ( 6months to 18 months old ), Happy Tots ( 18months – 30 months old ) & Boogies Tots ( 2 half to 4 years old ). You & your child will participate in the magical world of songs & melody while having lots of fun together.

Early exposure to music is known to stimulate the brain development in babies & preschool aged children. At Babytots@play, they will move, dance and sing along to interactive music & songs. Both new & familiar music will encourage vocabulary growth & interaction. In each play class, the kids will explore an array of different musical instruments. The programs have been carefully designed to enhance the motor & sensory skills together with all kinds of sensory props. For older kids, they interact with each other with role playing & dancing activities, which indirectly helps them to be more social & prepare them for preschool. On top of that, for every theme, there is an interesting Art & Craft session to compliment the theme.


At Babytots@play, parents accompany their babies and toddlers on sensory journeys filled with all kinds of sensory prop, while older kids interact with each other amidst role-playing and dancing activities conducted by a team of experienced educators.


Class Overview
Parents & Children Participate in Music Class Together
1 to 2 Hour Class Sessions (Including Discovery Play After Each Lesson)
Classes Meet Once A Week, About Four Times Per Month

Class outline
45-minute Baby Boost class (for children aged 6 – 18 months)
Helps develop child’s responsiveness via singing and soothing techniques accompanied by cheerful music

1-hour Happy Tots class (for children aged 18 – 30 months)
Encourages social interaction with dances, songs, and musical instruments
Activities also include puppets, finger play, and other sensory crafts

2-hour Boogie Tots class (for children aged 2.5 – 4+ years)
Music, movement, and crafts activities built around various themes.
Group games to improve social skills


For Baby Boost and Happy Tots classes, children must be accompanied by one 1 adult

Multi-sensory Play

Music & Movement

Speech Development








Babytots@play Creative Play and Learn Centres are found at the following locations:

1) Bandar Botanic (HQ)
40-1, Jalan Mahogani 1/KS7, 41200 Klang. (above Mydin)
Contact: 017-2106112 (Erin Goh)

2) Kemuning Utama
2-1, Jalan Kemuning Prima D33/D, 40400 Shah Alam. (nearby Giant)
Contact: 012-3529800 (Anna Yang)

3) Setia Alam
13-2-1, Jalan Setia Prima (R) U13/R, Setia Alam Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam. (Beside AM Bank)
Contact: 017-3397633 (Erin Goh / Sharon Soh)

4)  Bukit Jalil
10-1-M, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 15/155B, Aked Esplanad, 57000 Bukit Jalill, Kuala Lumpur(Opposite 99 Speadmart)
Contact: 019-6917221 (Sathyah)



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Cassandra Turns 7 Today!

This morning while Cass was dressing up for school, I asked her what cake she wanted us to get for her, to which I got this reply…

“I don’t want any birthday cake. I only want to get healed.  What is more important than being healed from incontinence right? Think of how much money you can save on diapers mummy!”

For a moment, I thought I was hearing my own words!  Sometimes it’s amazing to see how matured Cass is for her age.  What she had gone through since birth and what she is going through now has moulded Cass into a very determined person with high levels of maturity.

In school, in one of those moments when her friends just want to poke fun of her in diapers, she will say this “don’t laugh. What if you have this problem and people laugh at you? If you laugh some more, I will tell teacher!!”, to which this will always shut her friends’ mouths.  Despite this issue, she still has many friends because of her amiability and forgiving nature. No one has shunned her out. Her class teacher has even chosen weaker students to sit next to her, so that she can help them. She is also a team leader, overseeing 7 kids in her class. Cass loves school more than anything else. She loves her friends, her teachers and everything about her school… except Mondays.   I am so proud of her!

On Cass’ 7th birthday, I pray that God will hear our prayers.  Last Sunday, during Easter Sunday at church, I saw Cass praying. For once, I saw her praying so fervently — with hands clasped, eyes closed and lips moving. I really hope that Cass’ wish of being 100% healed from incontinence will come true.

Yesterday, Cass attended her first swimming lesson after a half-year hiatus.  The previous swimming teacher (male) was a tad impatient and we saw no progress in her.  She had a phobia whenever she had to turn her head  up to breathe while swimming, thus,  always swallowed water.

The new teacher (female) is extremely patient and good with kids. Cass and I love her, though her charges cost way more than the previous teacher.



At the end of the swimming lesson, Cass was given  some marbles. She will earn more marbles if her performance is good for that session.  The marbles can be used to redeem gifts from her teacher in future. Cass is so motivated now!


Happy birthday baby girl. Mummy and daddy love you to the moon and back and over and over again!!   Heart-shaped-vector-preview-6




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