Dinner – 15 April 2015 (Exam Week)

I spent the entire afternoon today helping Cass revise for her Math test tomorrow.  Have you ever tried teaching a language that is so foreign to you to another person who is still very shallow in the language? Like blind leading the blind? Dang it, the feeling is indescribable. Very very frustrating and head-banging-on-the-wall kinda feeling.  And you just wished you had studied the language when you were younger.  We relied heavily online on Line Dictionary (previously known as NCiku) to do the translation from Chinese to English – word for word, so that I could explain the test paper (that I downloaded from another school’s website) to her.

Cass’ Math is pretty good, only if it is in English, where she understands and knows how to read the questions fully. She used to score 100% for her Math in pre-school. Currently, Cass only knows how to read 20-30% of the Chinese words in the test papers, so… she stands a 50-50 chance of getting a borderline pass!  Teaching her Chinese is like attending online classes myself.  After her exam, I will send her to Baobei (gotta fork out another RM400+ per month just on Baobei!!)  for intensive lessons on Chinese word recognition.

Despite a very hectic day, I still managed to squeeze out some time to prepare the girls’ favorite food – seafood noodles.

Soupy meehoon with anchovies, giant prawns, squids, pork balls and tofu fishcake.  Flavor enhanced naturally with chopped scallions, pepper and fried garlic oil.



I like my meehoon with dark sauce, soy sauce, garlic oil and chopped scallions.

There is extra noodles and soup for tomorrow’s lunch, so one chore is done for tomorrow!

Dinner tomorrow will be pan-fried steak – my first time frying steak and I have just done a quick googling on how to tenderize steak naturally. Wish me luck. I wish the steak will turn out juicy and not rubbery.  I will prepare another simple one-pot dish for the 3  fussy ones, juuuuust in case the steak turns out to be a failure, ha!



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