Dinner – 24 April 2015

Dinner came very early today as Mandarin tuition class began at 5:45pm at home.  At 4:45pm, I started to work in the kitchen.  After an hour, this is what I churned out…

A big batch of pasta with beef and portobello mushroom bolognese sauce.

I used 2 big packs of antibiotic-free Australian minced beef, 2 big punnets of luschious portobello mushrooms, 1 whole garlic, loads of onions and 5 big juicy tomatoes.  The tomatoes were pulsed for a few seconds with a little water in my Blendtec blender (my most helpful kitchen helper!).

Seasoning used – sea salt, garlic salt, dried rosemary, mixed Italian herbs, black pepper and a piece of rock gula melaka aka palm sugar (the tomatoes were a tad sour, thus the need to use palm sugar).  This time, I skipped the bottled spaghetti sauce (am trying hard to avoid buying bottled sauces), yet the sauce was still irrefutably tasty! If the most persnickety girl says it’s tasty, it really is good!

What you see above can last us for 3 or even 4 meals:
1) Dinner for the girls, the  Mandarin tutor and me today.
2) In the foreground, the pasta in the glass container is to be frozen. That will be lunch for Alycia and Cass next  Friday (Friday is the only day that Alycia does not need to stay back in school and she comes home together with Cass)
3) The sauce in the glass container on the top left hand corner is extra sauce. I can use that for wraps, pizza, pasta or to be eaten with my raw alfalfa sprouts on a weekday for lunch.
4) The sauce sans noodles in the brown bowl is tonight’s dinner for yours truly. I ate only veggies with the beef and mushroom sauce. I don’t take carbs for dinner. I don’t fancy wheat noodles anyway.  They’re empty calories and only make you full and fat.  Sad but true. So if you want to get rid of that muffin top, ditch the wheat noodles first ok?

On most nights when the Mandarin tutor comes to our house, she gets home-cooked dinner on-the-house from me!  She comes in the late evening and by the time the class is over, it will be 9:30pm.  Even if she does not get a proper meal from me, I will get her some buns, which she can eat while she teaches the girls.  Some of you may shoot me for spoiling the teacher but I spoil people selectively, i.e. only those who will not go overboard and take advantage of me will get that privilege. Only people who truly deserve perks get them from me.  I believe that if she is happy teaching the kids, she will put in her all in teaching the kids.  Oh, by the way, Alycia and Cass eat their meals during tuition too, BUT only occasionally and only if easy-to-eat meals are cooked.  I want to create a very relaxed and conducive learning and teaching environment for both the girls and their teacher so that everyone is happy. The kids love their tutor and I think the tutor loves teaching them too 😀



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