Mushroom Pasta and Grilled Chicken For Lunch

Lunch for Cass on one of the school days last week…

Mushroom pasta, grilled turmeric and kafir lime leaves chicken drumstick, hardboiled free-range chicken egg and half a cob of sweet corn.  Smoothie of the day and her Izumio hydrogen water.

This Martha Stewart mushroom pasta recipe calls for white wine to prepare the mushroom sauce but I only have red wine at home.  So I substituted white wine with Stone’s ginger wine!  And I did not have enough whipping cream for the sauce, so I used fresh milk and cheese as substitute.  Taste was still robust (I also used lots of garlic) and the girls truly enjoyed their pasta.  Some mushroom pasta recipes include a raw egg on top of the noodles but I’ll definitely skip raw eggs for kids. So I made hard-boiled eggs.

The girls have requested for mushroom pasta for dinner again and I am going to dish this out again on Thursday.  It’s easy peasy to prepare and I like it that I can prepare extra for several meals. This is absolutely the to-cook-meal for busy mothers 🙂



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