What Makes Her Happy

What makes Cass really happy when she comes home from school is¬†finding her favorite food sitting inside the fridge waiting for her to dig into ūüėÄ

She would scream out in excitement and without even washing her hands, she would tear open the ‘treasure’ and lay her dirty hands on them, much to my hollering for her to wash her hands first.

But it makes me really happy to see Cass so happy. ¬†She really deserves all these little treats to make up for the difficult time that she’s had when she was a baby.




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Hydrogen Water and Carotenoids For Fever

On Friday I was still well, despite feeling a tad exhausted. For the past 1 month, sleep-ins on Saturdays have been a luxury of the past.  Alycia has to attend compulsory tuition in school on Saturdays in preparation for the UPSR exam in September. So my Saturdays are just like any other school-going day, with my day beginning at 4:45am and I was going from badly sleep deprived to chronically sleep deprived, with a maximum of 5.5 hours sleep a day.

Thus, with only Sundays to repay my heavy sleep debt, this is way not sufficient! ¬†How long more can I lay in bed when at the back of my mind, there are 1001 things to be done?! ¬†Chronic lack of sleep is damaging ok — you turn foggy and grumpy, it dumbs you down, lowers your immune system, lowers sex drive and may even increase risk of death! ¬†I am clearly aware of all these but unless you are in my shoes, you will never know how much I have on my plate and how I wish there were 2 extra hours in a day for me to sleep! I can sacrifice all my entertainment and social life but definitely not my beauty sleep!

On Saturday, after dragging my butt out from bed at 5am with a heavy head, I did some house chores and after Alycia had gone to school, I went back to sleep… on Cass’ bed. ¬†Cass got up at 7am and she asked me not to worry about her. She stroked my head and face, kissed me and went about to do her own stuff while I lay half-dead on the bed. Again, I dragged myself out of bed at 8am to make fruit smoothie for the girls and to bring Sherilyn to the tuition centre. Then, had breakfast with Cass and hubs. ¬†Back home, I forced myself to mop the floor and wash the bathrooms, did several loads of laundry and did some chauffeuring. ¬†Weekends are no-maid days. ¬†I dozed off while sitting in with Cass in her piano class (hopefully her teacher did not see me snoozing away at the corner of the class haha!). Back home, I was getting chills, had bad headache, body ache, eye ball ache, zero appetite and my legs felt as if they have been flogged repeatedly by a heavy object. My body felt like a burning charcoal but I felt cold. ¬†I am certain that I had fever. ¬†But I persevered. I drank 3 packets of Izumio hydrogen water and popped 4 Super Lutein throughout the day. In between doing house chores, I stole some time to nap on the bed. ¬†Yeah, on the bed! ¬†I hardly ever nap on the bed during the day and if I do, I got to be really sick.

Hubs had promised to bring us to the mall for me to get my weekly dose of stress  retail therapy after a week of slavery but I had to tell him that I was in no mood to walk or go anywhere. My mind was still raring to break free and shop but my body was weak.  So he brought us to a nearby new Japanese eatery for dinner.  Hubs ordered all my favorite dishes but I had zilch appetite. I only shared some Chawan Mushi with the girls that night.

I told hubs and my Charlie’s Angels that I was pretty certain I was going to be down with Dengue Fever as I had all the symptoms of Dengue and I remembered I was bitten by some farking mozzies too! ¬†For the last 2 weeks, I have had over 5 friends and their kids who were down with Dengue Fever. A friend’s hubby nearly lost his life and was hospitalized for over a month for Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever. His lungs and kidneys failed him. We were all praying for his recovery and he had just been discharged after over a month in the hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness and losing part of his memory too.¬†¬† I had all the symptoms of Dengue Fever (I Googled to check on the symptoms!). ¬†I told hubs to be prepared to take over all my roles should I get admitted to the hospital. I prayed fervently to God that I would be spared from the deadly Dengue Fever. My kids need me and I just can’t be hospitalized.

All that I ate on Saturday was half a bowl of bitter gourd pork noodles with Cass for breakfast, fruit smoothie, 2 oranges, 2 golden kiwis, 1 huge mug of fresh coconut water, lots of water and some Chawan Mushi. ¬†Along with 3 packets of Izumio hydrogen water, 4 Super Lutein capsules and almost 10 hours of sleep from 10pm through 7ish am on Sunday, I woke up feeling 101% well and energetic! ¬†Woohoo, I couldn’t be happier waking up feeling SO renewed and recharged. The girls were delighted when I told them that I was well enough to go to church with them!

Today, I had so much energy that I could lightly jog 3 laps and then adjourned to the gym and worked out for another half an hour on the Air Walker.

Did I also mention that ever since I consumed Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein, the cold numbness and pins and needles on my hands have¬†been¬†reduced? I can’t say that it is 100% gone but the discomfort have certainly been reduced, so much that I can even sleep on my sides without waking up like an invalid having to shake my hands and fingers to restore them to function!

So yes, Izumio and Super Lutein worked on bringing down my fever. I have friends who have since stopped bringing their kids to the paed’s office for fever meds. They feed their young kids and babies with Izumio and Super Lutein and the fever usually subside within 24 hours.

I am again spreading this hope to everyone out there with an ailment. There’s a cure to whatever ailment that you are suffering from. I have faith that all my ailments and disorders will be cured and controlled and so will yours as long as you’re willing to give yourself a chance.

If you wish to find out more on Izumio and Super Lutein, do email me at shireenyong@gmail.com.


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