Conversation On Bang Bang Over Dinner

At the dining table over dinner today, the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj was played on the radio. The girls sang along as they ate dinner.

Alycia – mummy, do you know what “bang bang” means actually?

Me (acting dumb) – yeah… bang bang with a gun like this *and pointing my hand like a gun towards Alycia*

Alycia – NO-O, it’s not that kind of bang bang! You know… thaaat bang bang?

Me – what kind of bang bang? *Question – should I stop acting dumb and explain the birds and bees to her?*

Ok, I should!!

Me – OH… you mean thaaat bang bang? Of course I know what it is!

Alycia – so err, you and daddy bang bang?

Me – OF COURSE! How do you think you, Sherilyn and Cass came into this world? Dropped from heaven just like that?

Alycia – you and daddy bang bang? OMG, that’s so dissssgussssting!!

Me – no, that’s not disgusting!

Alycia – luckily I did not bump into you and daddy banging on those nights that I woke up to pee.. HEE HEE!

Me – you think we would be so dumb to bang bang with the door opened? And when our door is closed, don’t you bang on the door to see if we are banging ok… coz we will not open the door for you!

Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass – HA HA HA!!

(Alycia has a habit of knocking on our door just as hubs and I have turned off the bedroom light to sleep. She then walks into the room in the pretext of taking the hand lotion and peers at me who is on the bed, suspiciously and in the hope of seeing ‘something’, LOL! Oh well, she’s at this stage where she’s just curious about the birds and bees)

Alycia – err, by the way, I finally found out what a CONDOM is! You know, at first I thought a condom was some kind of birds. But I recently read about condoms being banned in some schools in the US. SO… daddy wears a condom when he bang bang eh?

Me – OH yes! We baaaaaang all the way with it so that you won’t get another naughty younger sister or brother to bother you!!

And then the girls broke into a loud guffaw! 😀

I love having dinners at home together. It’s the time when the girls and I talk and laugh about everything and anything. It’s also the time when Alycia (she can be quite a hard nut to crack) is in a jovial mood and I take this opportunity to give her pep talks, advice and knock sense into her head.

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Our Father’s Day Sunday – 21 June 2015

After attending a friend’s baby’s full moon party, we adjourned to Durian De Tropika @ Section 19, PJ for a roadside durian feast with  two of our very close family friends!  The durian stalls were previous located at SS2.


Durian De Tropika is a must-go-to place for hardcore fans of durian.

Check out the bustling and festive ambience at the roadside, as if durian fans were celebrating this seasonal fruit’s first grand arrival. Durian lovers were swamping the durian stalls and tables.  Tables and chairs were placed on the pedestrian pavement along the road shoulder and fans of durian were thronging the durian stalls, choosing and making a bang for their buck for the most delicious durians. Many tourists were seen sweating it out in the sweltering heat, licking the king of fruits off their fingers.  For us, we wore the disposable plastic gloves and I have to say that with gloves, the syiok-ness is just not there!

Many durian fans were camwhoring at the durian stalls, including us! 😀

Cass squashing her favorite che che’s face ha ha!


Disposable plastic gloves and boxed tissue papers are provided for the patrons who opt to eat at the roadside tables.  After our sinful Musang King, we washed away the heatiness with fresh pandan coconut water.


After our very sinful indulgence, hubs suggested gourmet coffee and cakes… as expected. As I had said in my earlier posts, hubs can only end his Sunday happily satiated after a dose of gourmet coffee and cakes. The girls and I were shaking our heads on hearing the coffee suggestion by hubs as we were already super full and cloy that we could puke anytime.

At Salt n Koffie @ Jaya One for coffee and cakes.

Sherilyn and Cass were goofing around in our friend’s car.

That’s how we celebrated Father’s Day.  How was your Father’s Day Sunday?


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