The Girls’ School Sports Day

We reached school before 7am this morning for the girls’ sports day and spent 7 frigging long hours in school!! Today is the day that the girls have been waiting for months. They have been diligently practising the Sports Day dance and running events for many months. While today is the day that they looked forward to, it is the day that I scorned at! Can’t blame a puteri lilin, can you? If there is any activity that involves exposure to the hot sun, no thank you, you can count me out and I won’t blame you 😀

Breakfast in school at 7am to fuel the girls for a long and tiring day…

This fiery cili padi can really eat spicy food, I kid you not!


The four teams in the school  – red, yellow, blue and green with super heroes as their mascots. Red Team was Flash, Yellow Team was Spongebob, Blue Team was Captain America and Green Team Ninja Turtles.


In previous years, the Sports Day event was held at various stadiums. This year the school has a new track of their own. The new track was officiated today in pomp and grandeur.

The school kids doing the Sports Day dance.  Can you spot Cass in blue?

Alycia was second runner up in one of her running events. Their house clinched first place in the marching event and mascot decoration. All her hard work yesterday paid off.

Sherilyn who is a girl guide stood for hours on end under the fiery sun, to help hold the tray of medals in the prize giving ceremony after each event.  I was so worried that she’d collapse under the hot sun!


It’s been yonks since I last drank a cup of cold ice Milo from the good old Milo truck, often seen at Sports Day events.  Seeing the Milo truck brought back lots of sweet memories of my very own Sports Day in school.  One of the best things to look forward to during my Sports Day was a cool cup of iced Milo from the truck.  As it was Cass’ first time, she was really, really excited and queued up under the scorching sun over and over again to get her free cup of ice Milo.

I lugged along a few packets of Izumio hydrogen water along with me as I knew that everyone would need it badly to rehydrate and recover from the blazing heat @ 35 degrees Celsius. For 3 years straight, Alycia and Sherilyn had fever after attending their Sports Day event under the ferocious sun at the stadium. This year I preempted the fever with Izumio!  I had a blasting headache after 7 hours in the sun but the headache was subdued with 2 packets of Izumio…amazing!


Here’s another refreshing tip for hot Sports Day event – cold ice water that you can bring along from home.  It’s anytime healthier than sugar-laden boxed, bottled or canned soft drinks from the canteen.  I kept 2 bottles of water in the freezer the night before and removed them from the freezer in the morning of the Sports Day.  The bottles of ice water was cool until 2ish pm.  Sipping ice water while you’re under the hot sun feels like water dousing off the fire within, so refreshing and good way of preventing a heat stroke.

Cass’ team did not win in their 50m relay event. One of her team mates’ shoes were yanked off her feet when she was running LOL! She wasted a lot of time running back to retrieve her shoes.  Cass was a tad disappointed for not winning. She had been telling me before the Sports Day that she was hoping to win a medal.  Her wish now is to take part in next year’s Sports Day to claim her medal 😀
After a long and exhausting day in school, we had lunch at our neighborhood coffee shop and then segued to the roadside durian stall to indulge in durians again! 😀

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