How To Remember To Do Things

I’m forgetful and I know it. So I have to rely on several means of making my daily reminders. I use an e-Calendar on my desktop and key in all the things I have to do every hour and minute of the day. The e-Calendar will prompt me at the hour I am supposed to do the task. But this is not 100% reliable coz when the task is not done for the day and I had not set the reminder as a repeat task, I will overlook the task.

For very important things that I cannot afford to forget like registering my kid into a school, I stick Post It pads on my work desk and dressing table. I also write the reminder on my table calendar.

When I go shopping without the man, I snap photos of where I park my car… not only one photo of the parking lot number but also photos of the entrance, the pole and the shops upon entering the mall LOL!  I know I will surely get lost in big malls with many Courts. For eg. Mid Valley Megamall – it has a few Courts like  Centre Court (North),  Centre Court (Escalator),  North Court (Lift), North Court (Escalator), etc. etc.  I don’t have a photographic memory now with so many other important things occupying the space in my brain. My memory is full and I don’t get enough sleep everyday (5 to 5.5 hours max, pathetic huh?), which only exhauts my brain power further.

My memory has failed me ever since Cass was born and she had sucked me dry of all my brain DHA for 3 frigging years.  Now I have to pop Super Lutein, Izumio and fish oil to replenish my brain power 😀

Do these photos look familiar to you? I find that this is an excellent way of bringing me back to where I park my car in a huge shopping mall.

Do you do this too?


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Great Deals On Daily Essentials – Order Online With Free Delivery

When I was still working full-time, I had to struggle to squeeze out at least 2 hours each week to get my shopping done on daily essentials like diapers, milk, wet wipes, toiletries, perishable items, et al. I had 2 babies under 2 years old to care for then.   It did not help that we stayed very far from the city and there was no shopping mall near our housing estate.  That was over a decade ago.

These days, shopping for your daily essentials is a breeze.  It can be done during your free time in just a few minutes, at the click of your mouse no matter where you may be – whether on the go, in your office, at home or on the throne in the loo! And you can do just that when you shop for your daily essentials online at Ensogo.

Today Ensogo launched their latest campaign offering fast moving consumer goods.  With Ensogo’s new Mobile app or the website, you can now access daily essentials at any time of the day.  Plus there is now FREE SHIPPING  and delivery will be done within 24 hours from the time your order is placed. So if you need something urgently, you can get it within 24 hours instead of the regular 1-3 working days.  If you have no online banking service or credit card, fret not as Ensogo has a CASH-ON-DELIVERY  option too!

For busy mothers hunting for the cheapest diapers in Malaysia, you can get it right here at Ensogo too!


Here’s the Press Release by Ensogo on the launch of their daily essential products.

You need it, we have it
Ensogo unveils Daily essential products at best price.

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 August 2015 – As a leading e-commerce business, Ensogo now has broadened its range of products with a wide offering of household essentials and needs for everyday life. Parents can now own the cheapest diapers in Malaysia by simply purchasing through Ensogo website or their Mobile App.  Managing Director of Ensogo Malaysia, Jan Hansen promises, “We will be continuously enhancing our assortment based on emerging wants and needs of our customers”.

Everyday essentials like breakfast drinks, instant noodles, household cleaners and sundries are some that we offer to our customers, at best price.” Jan added. After successfully launching the new Android app in July, the Ensogo team keeps on track by finding new ways to simplify online purchases for consumers.  With the findings, apart from paying online, Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment is now available for consumers to ensure hassle-free payment at the doorstep without any risk.

This COD promotion is now available for all daily essentials on Ensogo, without having to juggle with cards or online banking services. Easy as it is, “the relation to our customers is built on trust, ours in our loyal customers as well as theirs in our products and services”, explains Jan Hansen.

From payment to shipping, the process is eased and accelerated. To meet the current demand of busy mothers, young professionals or spontaneous shoppers, additionally 1-day-delivery  was implemented for all daily essential products.

To enjoy free delivery of daily essentials from Ensogo, simply key in the promo code FREESHIPPING during checkout.  Good news is that there is no minimum purchase to enjoy the free shipping! 🙂

Happy shopping!


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Replenishing Inventory and Taking Care of Varied Patient Needs

Your patients have a variety of health concerns. No single patient has the same needs and concerns as another. When you want to be able to serve the widest variety of patients possible, you need to keep your medical facility’s inventory well-stocked and varied as well. To gain access to the fullest range of supplies like ELISA kits available today, you may fare better to shop online than to partner with a local supplier.

Online medical suppliers offer a number of advantages that local suppliers may be unable to match. To begin with, an online site typically will carry a wide range of products at any given time. A local supplier may only carry what it sells the most often to local clients. If you have a patient with a unique health concern, you may be unable to care for him or her if you relegate your supply connections to a local medical supply business. You may have to wait a few days or even a week or longer to get the test that this patient needs.

An online site that deals in test kits and more, however, will have a wider range of tests available anytime of the day or night. Even if you cannot get around to ordering until after work, this website is always available. You can order from your home or during the weekend if needed without compromising your ability to get the supplies your patients need. Another factor of shopping online involves the ability to set up an account for present and future purchases. You may not want to have to repeatedly type in the same information each time you shop online. Once you set up an account, that information is stored permanently on the website until you remove it.

Because the site is available anytime of the day or night, you also have the discretion to browse at your leisure. For example, if you know that your clinic needs allergy tests, you can use the links on the page to check out the various allergy kits available. You can consider the brands of the tests and also the specifications listed on the packaging. You also can order the desired quantity that you need for your clinic at the same time. Online ordering can benefit your medical business and allow you to treat patients with varied healthcare needs.



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