Our Saturday – 15 August 2015

After a hearty breakfast of chicken curry wanton noodles at a new eatery, hubs made an impulsive decision to bring us all (MIL, Cass and me) for massage at the Reflexology & Massage outlet just next to the eatery.

But the Mandarin tutor will be at our place in exactly an hour’s time. And I wanted a full body massage like reaaaally badly!  It’s been yonks since I had my last hands, shoulders and legs massage.

So how brown cow?

So I Whatsapp-ed the tutor for her to come 15 minutes later  😀

No regrets 🙂 🙂

First, we soaked our feet in warm water in a wooden pail.


Then the masseuse (a young lad from China) massaged my shoulders, hands and ‘pulled my  head up’.  Wow, that was painful!

Then he massaged my feet and achy legs. And gawd, I could not take the pain though I had told him to use the mildest strength possible!

After an hour of soothing massage interspersed with some pretty painful ones at my problematic spots, I was really loosened up and restored.  At RM50 for an hour, a good body massage to pamper myself is undeniably well deserved after a week of hard work slaving for the family 😀


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