Treating Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s With Hydrogen Water

My maternal grandma suffered from Alzheimer’s for about a year before her passing. My heart was crushed when my mum called me one day when I was in college to inform me that por por suffered a stroke and had lost her memory. My por por was our babysitter and she took very good care of my brothers and me when dad mom were at work.  Her cooking was superb and she was a very caring granny.  I will never forget how dejected she looked  when dad and mom had no choice but to place her in a nursing home.

If you know of anyone suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s,  hydrogen water is known to help with the recovery.

A pilot study from the US National Library of  MedicineNational Institutes of Health found that   hydrogen water has positive effects  and improvement in Parkinson’s features in model animals. You can read more on the pilot study here :

Hydrogen is an antioxidant that will scavenge free radicals from the cells resulting in a cleaner body.

You can email to find out how you can order hydrogen-infused drinking water.


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