Conversation With Cass

Going through the throes of motherhood, often times my girls will drive me to the point of breaking down with thoughts of packing my bags and ditching them for good!

When the girls, especially the littlest one was in her rascal temperament and being very disobedient last week…

Me – I will leave you all soon and never come back! Then you will all realize how good I have been!! And you will regret for not loving me enough and taking me for granted! *blood boiling*

Cass – you can never leave me. I will follow you wherever you go to. I will go to Ipoh to look for you!! We can never be separated!!

Oh like how did she even know that I will flee to Ipoh? See, I am so transparent and easy to hack! HA!

My not so baby-ish anymore baby girl is still loving her part-time gig as model at mummy’s online store 🙂





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Affordable Gowns

This December is set to be a very exciting month for me. Apart from our yearly holiday in Penang, which our main purpose of making the trip there is to see Cass’ surgeon. She has to have an ultrasound scan of her kidneys done until she turns 12 years old. We will also spend several days in Ipoh – my beloved hometown with my beloved dad and mom. This year also sees us visiting Hong Kong in early December. The purpose of our trip to Hong Kong is to celebrate the mil’s 70th birthday. My sils from all over the world will congregate in Hong Kong for this celebration. Alycia will get to celebrate her birthday in the air again, for the 2nd year straight! Last year she celebrated her 11th birthday on the plane on route to New Zealand.

Should our vacation in Hong Kong not materialize, I have another exciting event in Ipoh in December. My former classmates in Ipoh has organized a mega reunion for the class of 1990. I have not seen many of my erstwhile classmates for over 2 decades and it would be really nice to meet them again. As part of the reunion, we will be going down memory lane at our alma mater. The organizing committee plans to engage our once favorite stall operators at our school canteen to whip up a feast for us… just like how we used to enjoy them in the 80s.

But first thing first. I have to get myself a chic formal gown for the event.  I anticipate that there’s going to be a major camwhoring session and who knows, even the Press will be called to cover the event.  So I would want to look my best, ever!

Evening gowns and cocktail gowns from boutiques can run up to thousands of bucks each. But if I shop for my gowns online from stores like jojobride, they are only a fraction of the cost of branded ones and those from boutiques.

I have shortlisted a few…

A long evening gown in sweet lilac…

This elegant A-line hi-low mint backless pale green dress with sash will look good on me too and it only costs USD99.

A stunning hawt red coctail dress…

This dress reminds me of the dress that my classmate designed for me for our farewell party after our SPM exam in 1990.  I still remember very vividly how she had spent weeks designing the dress for me and my mum brought me to the textile shop and bought me a piece of red velvet cloth to have the dress sewn.

There are thousands of chic and elegant gowns at and every dress is pretty. I just couldn’t stop myself from virtual window shopping there! 😀


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