Purple Sweet Potato Porridge With ‘Tau Kok Lup’

The mil cooked a big pot of ‘tau kok lup’ and purple sweet potato porridge for lunch last week.

‘Tau Kok Lup’ is a healthy sauteed dish composed of long beans, diced carrot, diced preserved veggie (choy po), diced prawns, diced chicken meat or pork and crunchy peanuts. It is normally eaten with porridge. You can even add other veggies of your choice – bell peppers, celery, cashew nuts, macadamia or whatever veggies and nuts that you and your kids fancy.


Tau kok lup is my kind of food, well for anyone on a low-carb diet. It’s high in fiber, low in carbs and absolutely delish. Since there was still a lot of leftover, I had it for breakfast the next day! 😉


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