Wat Kai Fan (Kwong Kei) @ Jalan San Peng (Gem of San Peng!)

Now we don’t have to travel all the way to Ipoh and Penang to savor kai see hor fun (shredded chicken noodles) and char koay teow!  We can chow it all at the heart of KL at Wat Kai Fan located along Jalan San Peng.

I discovered this awesome stall just on Tuesday this week after grocery shopping at NSK. From the facade, this unassuming roadside staff looks like some kind of stalls that I would never step foot into.  But it’s pretty clean inside and the food deserves some publicity.

Wat Kai Fan (also known as Kwong Kei) is sandwiched next to a capati joint owned by a guy called ‘Tiger Jit Singh’ and a char koay teow stall.

This bowl of kai see hor fun (in my case, I ordered mai fun or vermicelli) is by far the best I’ve tasted in KL. I think it can join the ranks of the authentic Ipoh ngar choi kai (bean sprouts chicken) heavyweights.

Note: the char koay teow was ordered from the stall next to Wat Kai Fan. Had I closed my eyes and ate the plate of char koay teow, I would have thought that it’s an authentic Penang char koay teow. So yea, it was very good too with enough ‘wok hei’.  Our plate of char koay teow came with one giant prawn and several smaller prawns, cockles, eggs, etc. — very much like the famous Sisters char koay teow at Macalister Road, Penang.


Loh taufoo (braised hard bean curd) and eggs.


Crunchy and juicy bean sprouts. My absolute favorite!

The Star’s Food Trail Sam has given his mark of approval – the owner proudly hangs this framed article  on the wall of her stall.

We were served by a hunky ‘leng jai’ too (in orange tee)! HAHA! The woman in green is the owner.  She told me that she has a branch at Viva Mall, Cheras.

We will definitely be back to try  other items like steamed pork with salted fish, steamed fish, double boiled soup and many more. On the advise of the great dame – to avoid robust lunch hour crowd, try to be there at around 11ish am.

Address: Jalan San Peng,Off Jalan Loke Yew (Opposite TM building)

Contact Info

Tel: 016 – 203 6966 (Ah Kwong)


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