Typical Weekday Afternoon

Cassandra’s typical weekday afternoon…

Homeworking and sipping on Izumio. Once homework is done, I will go through her list of spelling, ejaan and ting xie with her. Next is piano practise and then she can watch Astro’s TV IQ program for an hour or do drawing or craft. Sometimes I will bring her to the swimming pool for her to practise her strokes.  She is getting better and better each time she swims and can now swim free style, breast stroke and back stroke pretty well after just 4 months with the new swimming instructor.  From being phobic of swimming, she now tells me that she wants to teach swimming when she grows up! 🙂


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Online Meals In A Jiffy

Our part-time helper did not turn up again yesterday and she gave me  another last minute notice, which made me fuming mad and disappointed.  Thinking that she would be coming in the evening, the mil baked bread and cakes and cooked up a storm for dinner. Then, I got the dreaded text message from her at about 5pm, informing me that she wasn’t coming in for work.  I have told her umpteen times that if she wants a day off, she has to let me know before 12 noon so that I can reschedule my plans for the evening. And we will definitely not be baking and cooking a feast leaving the kitchen greasy with a mountain high pile of dirty dishes in the sink!  Did I tell you that washing dishes is just not my kind of thing?

If our part-time helper is off for the day, we would normally cook simple dishes, eat out or use Foodpanda Vouchers to order our dinner online.  Foodpanda is a one shop stop for online food discount and deals operating in more than 40 countries and more than 500 cities worldwide.  Foodpanda partners with more than 45,000 restaurants globally.  Whatever food the kids fancy, we can have them delivered to us by Foodpanda in a jiffy! My kids love to browse the Foodpanda website but sometimes we take too long to decide on the food / restaurant as the choices are too many! Foodpanda will be the ideal choice for busy people who have no time to whip up a delish meal. Give them a try today and don’t forget to get the Foodpanda vouchers by clicking on the links above.


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Three Strategies To Get Your Health On Track In 2015

In a world where debilitating diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent, many people are seeking health solutions that will empower them to lead positive lives free of illness. If this is your health objective, it’s important to know that there are several wellness strategies you can implement to start living in a more enriching way. Here are three of them:

1. Find A Holistic Doctor
The first strategy you can employ to start leading a healthier life is to find the ideal holistic doctor. Rather than placing primacy on the administration of medication, holistic doctors seek to facilitate healing and restoration in the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. There are a wide range of health services that these doctors can offer to realize this objective. Some of them include medical hypnosis and acupuncture. Holistic doctors will also oftentimes place emphasis on offering nutritional counseling services that help the patient eat the foods that promote optimal energy levels, mood regulation, and weight management. You can access information regarding these types of services by visiting the following website: www.drbryanmd.com.

2. Invest In Personal Training Services
In addition to finding a holistic methods doctor, it’s a good idea to invest in personal training services. Doing so can facilitate health optimization by ensuring that you’re in the habit of exercising effectively and regularly. Personal trainers specialize in developing and consistently optimizing exercise routines that empower people to accomplish their fitness and health-related goals. Whether you’re attempting to lose weight, increase musculature, or develop a more toned physique, personal trainers can help you realize your objectives. Moreover, getting in the habit of exercising regularly will promote cardiovascular health and help you attain a new level of wellness.

3. Optimize Your Diet
One final strategy you should employ to get healthy this year is to optimize your diet. Although many if not most people understand that a sound diet is the foundational pillar of great health, many of these individuals procrastinate about changing their eating habits. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, start taking steps towards diet optimization by replacing coffee with green juices and salty snacks with healthy trail mix.

Individuals who are ready to take their health to another level should understand that there are several ways to make it happen. By finding a holistic doctor, hiring a personal trainer, and optimizing one’s diet, you will likely find that you start operating at a level of physiological efficacy and excellence you never thought possible!

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Complying with Court Orders and Improving Your Family Life

Many families experience difficulties that cause couples to break up and feel differently about each other. Financial problems, stress with raising children, family interference, and dozens of other factors can turn people who are normally mild mannered into potential abusers. When you have been ordered by the court to complete remedies like online domestic violence classes, you may wonder what benefits these classes can offer to you and your family. As you can find out online, the courses could teach you how to deal with the various stresses and also point out mechanisms that have helped people like you in the past.

The first thing you may wish to do when you log onto the website is read the frequently asked questions list. You probably will have a lot of questions about the classes and how they are carried out from start to finish. You may even feel uncertain about going through the courses at all. When you read the FAQ section, you can answer some of your own queries. You also can discover information that you were not aware of when you were told by the court to complete these courses. By the time you read all of the FAQs, you may feel more confident about the process itself.

Along with being able to answer your own questions, it can be important for you to know how to contact someone from the company that offers the courses. The site provides a short form that you can fill out and submit to the company. The form is located at the top of the website. You can also use the phone number listed at the top of the page to reach someone linked to the courses.

As you begin taking the courses, you may wonder what kinds of topics you will cover. You will learn how to identify what makes you angry and understand why you react in the manner that you do, among other topics. When you finish the courses, you will also receive a letter of completion that you can take to your lawyer or to the court. If you are worried about how you will pay for the courses, the company offers people the chance to pay by the fifth week. This gives you plenty of time to come up with the money you need to pay for the classes.



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Encouraging Quotes

My friend cum sifu / team leader posted this in our team’s Facebook page this morning, to encourage us to never give up and the messages are staring at me, telling me not to give up… in whatever struggles that I am mired in now. And I’d like to share this with you too.

Everyone has their own struggles but if you have a steely will power and persistence that never breaks, you will succeed too, just like these famous people!

Happy Wednesday world!


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Project Sunday – 2 August 2015

Lately, the girl’s school teachers have been giving out quite a number of mini projects to the class (Primary 6).  The kids in  her class use each project as a good opportunity to have mini gatherings.  The project yesterday was held at our place again — the second in 2 weeks! They enjoyed themselves at our place so much the first time round about 2 weeks ago that they have chosen our place again for their second project.

The kids spent most of their time goofing around more than they spent on the project. This time, I did not help them as they told me that they could manage it themselves.

After the project, I brought the kids down to play badminton and ping pong. I told them that there will be strictly NO swimming as I cannot possibly oversee 6 kids alone.


But some of the kids were really cheeky. They begged me to let them dip their legs in the baby pool. I should not have acceded to their requests coz the moment they were inside the baby pool, they turned wild and pushed each other into the water and before I knew it, everyone was drenched!  OMG, these are no ordinary demure sweet young girls. They look demure but are the exact opposite!

And they sure have topnotch power of persuasion! After they got wet in the baby pool, they pleaded with me...”aunty, since we are already wet, can we swim for just a SHORT while in the big pool? Pleassssee aunty!!”

Not wanting to dampen their spirits, I told them that only two kids are allowed to swim at a time and I limited them to swim only 2 laps. So they had to take turns to swim by twos.  After swimming, they asked me to help them snap a group picture…

I ordered pizza and chicken wings for dinner by the pool…

The girls will be sitting for their final trial UPSR exam in 2 weeks.  In exactly a month’s time, they will be sitting for their UPSR exam, yet they are having the time of their lives. I told them that this will be their last gathering before their exam and that they could have another party / gathering at our place after the exam. The bunch of kids enjoyed themselves very much. They left at 8:30pm. Cass told me yesterday that it was one of her best days this year as she had so much fun playing with her che che’s friends.



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