Cass, My Bff

Cass is my bff.  My best bff ever.

She consoles me whenever I am down.  Just last week, she spent 2 nights massaging my achy right hand and not an ounce of complaint did I hear from her for having to use her hands to rub sticky Perskindol cream on my arm.

She is also my earnest helper. I have no time to open my stack of mail and I tai chi this chore to her as well 😀


How can she not be my bff?  I’ll bet even your bff wouldn’t massage your arms and legs even when she herself is struggling to keep her eyes opened at night.  And would your bff patiently open and sort out all your letters? And oh yes, Cass even peels crabs and prawns for me and have them fed into my mouth as she knows I don’t like to dirty my hands with these stinky crustacean. 😀


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Staying Healthy During The Haze

The haze situation over here in the Klang Valley ain’t getting any better, despite there being a brief heavy shower yesterday. The smell of smog can be smelled from inside our house for the past one week.  I wonder when this yearly menace will ever stop.  This year the haze came late.  Normally, the yearly haze would shroud our clear blue skies around June for about 1-2 months. This year June, we were still having blue skies and showers. I thought we were spared this year! But I didn’t get to rejoice for long as the haze started to make its appearance towards the end of August 🙁

Every year during the haze season, my nose would itch, throat would get ultra sensitive and if I ate something heaty, I’d be down with really bad sore throat. This time round, thankfully we have Izumio to help us counter the negative effects of haze on our throat, nose and lungs.

For those of you who are sensitive to the haze, drink plenty of clear fluids.  One drink that is beneficial to your body is hydrogen-infused water. The hydrogen-infused water that I am currently consuming tastes exactly like plain water but it has high concentration of hydrogen at 2.6 mg/l or 2.6 ppm.

It is proven that Hydrogen rich water is essential to building good, healthy cells and is also capable of balancing the pH within the body. Hydrogen water balances the equilibrium of the body whilst flushing out acidic toxins through sweat and urine. In short, normal water has been helping us do this all our lives but hydrogen water is much, much stronger.

You can email to find out more on the hydrogen-infused water that I am consuming.

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Doctor and Patient Communication Leads to a Better Outcome for the Patient

The better the communication is between a doctor and a patient, the better the outcome will be for patients who visit the medical clinic of Houston. Families who have a family doctor who they visit regularly live happier and healthier lives.

Some avoid visiting a family doctor because they worry about the cost. However, research clearly shows that patients who do not visit their physician regularly and develop diseases like diabetes and heart disease will pay more money in the long run than if they had received preventative care by visiting the doctor regularly.

There is abundant medical research that shows that parts of the country with poor primary care have patients who experience poor outcomes. This is especially true when talking about infants and children. Children who do not visit the doctor regularly when they are young are more likely to avoid visiting the doctor as they grow older. Additionally, children who have an ongoing relationship with their family doctor are likely to have better health as they grow older since their doctor understands their background and medical history.

Having a consistent doctor-patient relationship allows the doctor to prescribe preventative care. Doctors who see patients regularly are better able to communicate and coordinate their patient’s healthcare needs with other healthcare providers. A close doctor-patient relationship leads to fewer hospital stays.

Still, there are many people who strongly believe that if it is not an emergency, there is no need for them to visit a doctor. However, what these individuals fail to understand is that many emergency health situations can be prevented if regular doctor visits are scheduled.

Additionally, individuals who have a primary care physician who they are comfortable with have better outcomes when they have an emergency because their doctor is familiar with their medical history. Also, as a patient, they are familiar with the doctor. When a person is sick or when they’re going through an emergency, it is easier to talk to a doctor who is trusted as opposed to one the person has never met.

In both emergency and non-emergency medicine, there are certain principles that are straightforward. However, there are also a lot of options that are left up to the patient. A doctor and patient can come to an agreement about the risks and benefits of certain treatments right from the get-go if they have a relationship.



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