Our Sunday – 6 Sept 2015 (Eve Of The Eve of Alycia’s UPSR Exam)

The big girl is finally a little kan cheong and enthusiastic to do an eleventh hour revision today. She’s revising in full steam ahead today. In the morning, she insisted on staying at home to revise while we went out for breakfast and grocery shopping. She usually needs a 2-hour nap in the afternoon but today she skipped her nap. After a day of revising, she’s now taking a one-hour break and watching a movie on You Tube.

I quickly snapped a picture of her messy study area when she went for her toilet break 😀


While Alycia locked herself in the room to study, the other 2 girls busied themselves with making yarn balls (pom poms). I told the girls that the TV will be out of bounds until Alycia’s UPSR exam is over next Thursday.


With help from You Tube, Cass made her very first yarn ball. But she was a tad disappointed with the yarn ball as it ain’t as puffy and fluffy as Sherilyn’s.

Then Cass had an idea and tied the yarn ball to her hair clip! And the flat and dull looking yarn ball transformed into a pretty flower on her hair!


How’s it? Pretty?  Cass told me that she will perfect the yarn balls and make more yarn flower hair clips to sell to her friends!  Seriously, would you pay RM2 for this hair clip?

She made this pink hair clip for her granny, for her coming 69th birthday.


Sherilyn helped to iron everyone’s clothes, though she totally failed daddy’s shirt!

Happy Sunday peeps. For those with kids sitting for the UPSR exam next week, I wish your kids all the very best!

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