UPSR Exam Week

This UPSR exam week has not been good for us. It was especially jinx on Monday, the eve of the first day of Alycia’s UPSR exam.

On Monday, everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Darn Murphy’s Law!!

Here’s the sequence of jinx that transpired on Monday, 7 Sept 2015…

When the mil and I got back from the supermarket in the morning, the moment we entered the house we heard a loud unusual sound that  sounded like a waterfall  or something burning inside the house. I ran inside to find the bathroom flooded. The hose connecting the water cistern burst and water was shooting out at high pressure. Dang it, we could not use the toilet for 1 day and had to manually fill up the water cistern to flush.

Next, my worst nightmare came true. My most trusted and best part-time maid sent me an SMS informing me that she wanted to take leave to rest for an indefinite period of time. This is the maid who went for a surgery to remove a lump in her neck last year. Some unusual lumps are now growing again on the same area of her neck. She took more than half a year of leave last year to recuperate.

I thought I could still rely on another part-time maid who is a big drama queen (I kid you not, she’s dang good in drama!) but this drama queen injured her toe when she came to work at our house last Saturday. She dropped a collapsible metal bed on her toe and now wants to take long leave to rest her foot.

This drama queen came up to my place on Monday night and created a drama with sob stories, telling me how painful her toe was, blah blah blah. She didn’t want to leave my house and just sat on the couch.  Finally, I drove her to the clinic in a thunderstorm (see, when it rains, it pours!!) and gave her RM60 to see the doctor for her injured toe.

When I got home from the clinic, the door stopper on the front door jammed up and the door could not close. I spent another half hour trying to fix the jinx door but like they said, when it rains, it pours. The door could not be fixed. Hubs came back and removed the door stopper.

I. could. not. believe. my. luck!!

I spent the remaining night washing dishes and cleaning up after dinner.

Jinx to the max!

On the eve of Alycia’s major exam when I thought I could help  go through BM Tatabahasa with her, all these unfortunate things happened. As a result, I had no time left to do any revision with her. Plus I was physically and mentally exhausted. I left everything to the girl, who actually preferred to study on her own.

On the first day of the UPSR exam (Tuesday), Alycia gave me a heart attack when she told me what she wrote in her Karangan (BM essay). The girl could  have written out of topic!!  Alycia chose a topic on ‘Perayaan’ but wrote about ‘Hari Merdeka’.  I googled thousands of sites and while a few sites talked about Hari Merdeka as a perayaan,  the other sites only mentioned the main festivals like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, etc. as  ‘perayaan’.  So this topic is very subjective and  now it all depends on how the test paper marker views Hari Merdeka as — i.e. is it a ‘perayaan’ or a ‘sambutan’.  Dear God, pretty please get a lenient and kind teacher to mark Alycia’s karangan paper!!

Despite the fact that she could be flunking or perhaps get a borderline pass mark in her Karangan paper, Miss Cool Cucumber could still sing a  song about herself flunking the Karangan paper and she was so blase about it!!  Good or bad?

Whatever it is, what’s done can’t be undone.  And I am self consoling myself that at least she did quite well in her Chinese essay paper yesterday. From what the girl told me about what she wrote, I think she has written  a well-covered Chinese essay topic.  But then again, it all depends on the teacher who is marking the paper. Dear God, pretty please let the test paper marker be a teacher who is in a real good mood at the time she/he marks Alycia’s papers!!

Since last Friday, we have been without a part-time maid and I think I have overworked myself. This morning, while swimming my usual 22 laps in the pool, I sprained my neck and shoulder blade. My muscles have been really tired, taut and achy. Now I feel shittier with a stiff neck. And I am so sleep deprived. I can’t wait for the 1-week school holiday in a week’s time to catch up on my sleep. And I look forward to my parents coming to KL next week. It’s been a while since we last got together.

Today, a new part-time maid will be starting work. I pray that she’ll be a good helper and will be here to stay for as long as we need her.

For those with kids sitting for the UPSR exam this week, how did your kids react to the test papers? Today is the last day of the exam and both Alycia and I are celebrating our real Merdeka Day today. Finally, we can sleep in again on Saturdays. I miss doing this since the beginning of this year. Now it’s time to pay back the sleep bank my sleep debt but I would have to wait until the school holiday coz my very own Miss Drama Queen needs me to chauffeur her to school by 7:30am this Sunday for some dunno what camp!

Blessed is a mother who would give up part of her soul for her children’s happiness 🙂


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