Freedom At Last!


Alycia’s UPSR exam is finally over!  Today, she brought back some of the UPSR test papers marked by her anxious school teachers while the answer sheets have been sent for marking  by MoE appointed teachers. Now we roughly know how many As Alycia will be getting!

Did you read the article from Sin Chew Daily today which reported that this year’s UPSR Chinese test paper is way beyond the level for Year 6 pupils? It reported that the questions were of similar difficulty level with SPM (Form 5) Chinese test paper!  Now they are considering lowering the minimum mark for scoring ‘A’ for this year’s UPSR Chinese test paper.  And I am feeling hopeful! 🙂

Though Alycia still needs to sit for her school’s final exam in three weeks’ time (for subjects not tested in the UPSR exam), we will enjoy our freedom first!  Today she told me a list of things that she wants to do. She has a couple of school trips to attend and her bunch of besties will be having another get together at our place again. Next, she wants to buy a new pair of sneakers. It’s been almost a year since I last bought her shoes.

I don’t like buying expensive shoes for my kids as they outgrow them really fast.  Sneakers that  are of Alycia’s taste are pretty expensive here. Thus, this time, I will buy them online from malls like Taobao. The only problem would be  I have never shopped directly from China retailers and I am a pure yellow banana who does not know Chinese. My friend who does online shopping from Taobao regularly referred me to a taobao agent who will help us to do the ordering.

Check out this funky sneakers.  It’s a steal at RM12.08 only and available at Taobao.




I’ll need a few days to browse the Taobao website as there are tens of thousands of products listed there. I may want to get some household stuff too. I hope my first experience shopping at this Alibaba owned website will be pleasant without any fuss.

Have you shopped at Taobao before? Would love to read your comments on your experience shopping at Taobao 🙂


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