Our Saturday – 13 Sept 2015

It’s the first Saturday post UPSR exam. Alycia finally gets to join us for breakfast and then grocery shopping. For the past 9 months, her Saturdays were spent in school from 7am till 3pm. Life was grueling for these 11-12 year olds. They were drilled to score straight As.  I don’t like this kind of army-style grilling. The past 9 months of her life centered on just school books, piles of workbooks and worksheets, memorization, purging of what was taught, tests after tests and more tests.

Alycia’s first real battlefield is now behind her. I think Miss Cool Cucumber has fought very calmly as I see no fear, panic or distress in her at all!  From the teacher’s own marking in school, Alycia has a ‘B’ for her Chinese paper. But she is not really sulking over a ‘B’ as the UPSR Chinese paper this year had questions meant for SPM (Form 5) takers!  The questions were found to have been extracted from a SPM Chinese workbook and junior high textbook in China. There’s been a lot of media on this issue for the past few days. Horror!!  Our hope now is that the passing and scoring marks will be lowered for that matter. I think it’s fair.

Here’s the article from The Star:


Shopping after our breakfast on Saturday.

Both sisters were in a very cheery mood.  At Alycia’s request, I bought her a second tub of Sunnyside Farms ice cream and 3 boxes of Magnum Gold ice creams. She’s been eating chocolates and ice creams everyday for the past 1 month to de-stress!  I can see the exam stress lifted off her shoulders now  and she’s chillaxing with more ice creams and an overdose of iPod at home, for the loss of playtime for the past 1 month, HA!


We had dinner at Sun Kam Kee restaurant @ Pudu.


After dinner, hubs brought us for cakes and soft serve ice cream at Red Kettle.

I will have many battlefields and hurdles to grapple with and cross together with my daughters  for the next 15 years.  I pray that God will bestow me with guidance and strength to guide them well with none of us going into a mental breakdown 😀

We will now have to wait for 2 months before the UPSR results are out. In the meantime, I’ll let the big girl enjoy her 3 months of freedom before she starts junior high school!

Happy Sunday world! 😀

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