Mum’s Birthday Celebration At Hiong Kong Restaurant, Pudu Plaza

It would take other people three to four weeks’ advance booking to secure a table on a weekend and the order had to be placed at least three days prior to the actual meal, specifying the dishes and number of diners, so that the chef could shop accordingly. But for the hubs, he booked a table only a week prior to the dinner as he is a regular at this small-based restaurant. Plus he personally knows the owner of the restaurant.  Mum’s 69th birthday this year was celebrated at Hiong Kong Restaurant @ Pudu Plaza, KL.

This might sound like an exclusive restaurant in one of the city’s finer dining spots, but it wasn’t.  It was a most unlikely location, a small ‘tai chow’ stall located in the basement of a mall in Pudu Plaza, downtown Kuala Lumpur.  There are probably only about 10 tables (about 4 big tables only). Foodies have long known about Hiong Kong Restaurant and the chef who turns out dishes worthy of a five-star Chinese banquet hall.  Hubs had patronized this stall several times with his bunch of basketball mates but it was my first time there.

The first dish that arrived after a long wait was the yam basket lobster combination. It composes of a large lobster (meat steamed and mixed with salad sauce), deep fried yam basket, fried prawns, jelly fish, century eggs and various accompaniments. I noticed that the other 2 big tables also ordered the same dish.


Next was an exotic fried boneless ‘chicken’. It’s a combination of fish and chicken dish where the thin layer of meat is actually fish paste. The outer layer is crispy chicken skin.

Next was fish maw soup and sauteed Hong Kong ‘choy sum far’ (pictures not taken).

And the not to be missed Longevity Noodles.


Desserts were pretty unique. We had bubur cha cha boiled in whole coconut shell and cooked yam in a caramelised sugar shell.

The bubur cha cha sweetness was not overpowering like most ‘tong suis’ are. There were generous amounts of gingko nuts.

An unusual dessert of cooked yam in a caramelised sugar shell.


We were so full that we had to bring the birthday cake back and even planned to cut the cake the next day. But we went to the next venue – Les Deux Garcons to have coffee, tea and cake cutting session. Mum said that since everyone was around, she wanted a picture with her complete family, thus the cake was cut and everyone had a small slice of cake 🙂

Hiong Kong Food Square, LC5
Lower Ground, Pudu Plaza
Jalan Landak
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur


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