Crazy Hazy Waterless Day

Today has been a day filled with various obstacles for me.

First, we are affected by the 2.5-day water cut in certain areas in KL caused by an inlet valve replacement at one of the major water tanks in KL.  Living in a condo, we have always been spared from the brunt of water rationing or unscheduled water cuts as there are huge water storage tanks at our condo to last us for 2 days should there be a water cut. But this time, the condo Manager has to ration our water supply as the inlet valve replacement job involves major works and he is worried that the water cut will be extended.

Under this water rationing imposed by the condo Management, we will get water for 6 hours a day from 6-9am and 6-9pm.  For a clean freak like me, that is so not enough! We clean ourselves  after every pee and poo job alright.  And my dear Aunt Flow just has to come today right smack on the day the water rationing starts. Remember I have a uterine fibroid and my AFs are super heavy? Great!  My bathroom is a disgusting sight now.

Since last night, I have been busy filling up water containers. I filled up every container and water tumbler that I could find in the house with water.

After swimming this morning, I hurriedly did all the chores that require water usage. When the girls returned from school, the stored water was depleted at the snap of a finger! Water is just like money. It’s so hard to earn them but it takes just seconds and minutes to exhaust them all. No wonder money is called ‘sui’ (water) in Chinese!


Lunch was take-away food and dinner was at a nearby restaurant that was not affected by the water cut.

Next problem was the darn lifts at our condo.  One of the lifts is out of order due to replacement of new lifts for the entire building. The other lift also conked out since last week, got repaired and conked out again. I walked up and down our unit on the fifth floor more than 10 times since yesterday!

In the evening, we were stuck for over half an hour in the horrendous traffic jam when I picked Sherilyn up from the tuition centre. When we got home, it was already close to 7:30pm and this meant we only had 1.5 hours to bathe, clean the bathrooms, boil water, wash the girls’ water bottles, lunch boxes and store more water!

I am now having an achy back and sore arms from carrying pails of water and having to contort myself in our squeezy bathroom that’s placed with pails in every available walking space. Tomorrow will be an even tougher day for me. God help me please!!


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