Water Rationing At Our Condo – Day 2

This morning the water did not come back at 6am as promised. Not a trickle of water from our tap and I was fuming mad!  The stored water from one bathroom was finished off really quickly. A lot of water was needed to flush toilets. The girls were fighting to use the other bathroom which had more stored water. We were super late but thank goodness, the transporter was late to arrive too!  I guess she must have spent her pre-dawn morning carrying buckets of water as well.  At 6:15am, I sent a Whatsapp message to the condo manager and asked him why there was still no water yet.

At 10:30am, the condo manager replied my Whatsapp message and told me that Syabas has resumed water supply to our condo and the water rationing has ended!  What?? After they made me skip my morning exercise so that I could use the time to rush like a mad woman to store water, wash dishes, wash toilets, clean the floor and shower myself, I was told that there is now water. I was happy yet angry!  The water rationing notice stated that there will only be water supply from 6am to 9am and from 6pm to 9pm today.

Everyone thinks that the new condo manager over reacted by imposing a water rationing. The clever Japanese builders that designed our condo designed the water tanks big enough to store water to last the residents for 3 days in the event of water cuts. In our 7 years living here, we have never once experienced a water rationing at our condo albeit our neighborhood had water cuts and water rationing.

This morning, I had to dig out more containers to store more water coz yesterday, the water that I stored was not enough for everyone. Every basin, pail, water tumbler and mini pail that I could find was used to store water. Now that the water rationing has ended abruptly, I will have to use all the stored water to flush toilets.

Almost every available space in our bathroom had pails filled with water to the brim. I even used our waste paper baskets to store water!

Because of all the rush and stress, I had headache the whole morning. I have just downed another packet of Izumio hydrogen water and the headache seems to have gone away! But not the haze. The skies are still gloomy and smoky.  How is the haze situation at your end?


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