Healthy Drinks for Your Children

Keeping your kids healthy is always a major concern. There are so many things you have to worry about and their diet is just one of them. However, some parents give a lot of thought to food but forget about what their children are drinking. What they drink can be just as important as what they eat. Sugary drinks can damage their teeth and can be a contributing factor in obesity. It’s important to watch what they have to drink and avoid having things like soda too much. However, they don’t have to stick with plain water all the time. Here’s how you can make their drinks healthier.

Cut Back on the Juice
You might think that fruit juice is healthy, but it can contain a lot of sugar. Even if there isn’t any added sugar in it, the natural sugars can still damage little teeth. Fruit juice is acceptable to have on occasion, and even better if it’s watered down. But you shouldn’t be serving a glass of juice with every meal. If your kids prefer juice, try adding a twist of lemon, orange or lime to a glass of water. Using a Sodastream makes it a bit more fun and might even convince them that they’re drinking soda. Try to stick to milk and water more often than juice.


Use a Water Filter
If you worry about how safe your tap water is to drink, don’t start buying it bottled. It’s bad for the environment and for your household budget. It’s much cheaper to get from your home, and you can make it healthier if you want. Using a water filter will get rid of any impurities you don’t want in your water. If you’re not sure how to choose one, you can look at Water Filter Answers to find guides on which one to buy. There are several types you should consider, with varying levels of effectiveness and a range of prices.

Have Fun with Milk
Children need to have calcium to strengthen their growing bones and teeth. As they get older, they need more calcium to keep them going. It’s important to make milk a part of your child’s drinking habits. It’s an excellent source of calcium and readily available. If your child is lactose intolerant or has a dairy allergy, there are alternatives. You can buy other drinks, such as coconut water, with added calcium. There are also foods that contain calcium, such as spinach. If your children don’t like milk, try adding a small amount of flavoring. Just don’t go overboard with sugary additives.

Have Hot Drinks Together
It’s never too early to give your child warm drinks. You might not make them piping hot, but you can, at least, warm them a little or leave them to cool for a while. They might already have hot chocolate, so why not try some fruit or herbal teas? Of course, you should avoid anything with caffeine in it, which can include some teas.
Getting your kids to drink healthy drinks isn’t always easy. But if you avoid the unhealthy stuff from the beginning, you’ll find it much easier.


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