Kids Say The Wittiest Things

A few nights ago, in my bedroom.

I was having a bad menstrual stomach cramp and was lying on the bed, applying peppermint essential oil on my tummy. When I let out a cough, the strain sent  a sudden piercing pain to my abdomen. I cringed in pain, turn to my left side in a fetal position and muttered to Cass that my stomach hurt like h*ll.

Upon seeing me in pain, Cass who was  on the bed sprung up…

Cass – mummy, are you OK?  Err, do you want an ice lemon tea? Or apple juice? Orange juice, mango juice? Bitter gourd noodles?

I burst out laughing really hard upon hearing what she blurted out so candidly. The pain miraculously disappeared momentarily. What made my sweetie say such things at the spur of the moment? Perhaps she wanted to distract my mind away from the pain in my stomach? She’s such a witty smarty pants!


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