Febrile Fits Caused By High Fever And How To Perform CPR

Today I had a shock of my life when I read from my friend’s blog on  how she almost lost her 2-year old son who had high fever caused by viral fever.  Her blog posting made me realize how lucky Cass was to have survived a fever above 40 degrees C without any unfavorable incidences just 2 weeks ago.  I must thank God again and also my Izumio for helping Cass to recover in only 4 days without medication and hospitalization.

The El-Nino weather these days has been terribly hot. Many people whom I know are down with high fever, Influenza A and B and other upper respiratory tract infections, including yours truly. Thank God I managed to self-treat myself (with lots of Izumio and Super Lutein) and have just recovered. Another friend of mine, her daughter who is the same age as Cass and studies in the same school as Cass has been warded in the hospital for 18 days, also for viral fever.

Back to my friend’s 2-year son.  When his fever shot up to 39.6 degrees C, he went into febrile fits. Then his eyeballs rolled up leaving only the white eyes visible. Moments later, his body went limp and his lips turned blue. He had stopped breathing!! It was the first time that her son had febrile fits and she wasn’t prepared or experienced to know what to do. But thank God for blessing us mothers with the presence of mind and quick thinking. My friend then performed CPR on her son.   You can read more on the story by clicking on the above link to Merryn’s blog. Good job to you Merryn for your quick thinking action and composure!

What got me really thinking hard after reading her blog post is this. Do I even remember how to perform CPR? I learnt CPR when I was 14 years old at a Bronze Medallion swimming life-saving class. But that was almost 30 years ago. I can’t even remember what I learned 3 months or 3 years ago.  And as a mother, knowing how to perform CPR is a MUST.   Do you know how to perform CPR? I am sure most of us have forgotten or have zero knowledge.   Don’t worry, it’s still not to late to learn it now.

I spent half an hour at You Tube just now watching videos on how to perform CPR.  I have included here a video on how to perform CPR on a child (1 – 12 years old). Have a watch and do search You Tube for more videos to get yourself familiarize on how to perform this life-saving act. You’ll never know when you’ll need to do it to save a life.


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