Delightful Home-Cooked Dishes

Here are a few more  wholesome and delightful home-cooked dishes that the mil wok-ed up this week…

Below – Braised chicken with dried sand ginger, shallots and tomatoes.

Below – braised chicken with dried tofu sheets (fu choke) and mushrooms.

Below – pan fried prawns with soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine.

I am so thankful that I do not have to slog in our uber hot kitchen during this El-Nino heat. If ever I have the moolah to get a bigger house, I am so going to install a uber big ceiling fan plus a misty fan in the kitchen!

And let’s all pray and hope that the predicted heat wave on 20 March 2016 will be blown far far away by some strong winds!

It’s the last weekend before school starts again. Am I happy? Yes and no. Yes that I get to swim again during pre-dawn and I get back my ME TIME. And NO to waking up at  ungodly hours again.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂


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