Our Sunday – 20 March 2016

To escape the predicted heat wave due to the equinox phenomenon today, we sought ‘refuge’ at Mid Valley Megamall.

But what do we know? It ain’t that hot after all! Well, the heat was bearable. When we left the mall at 3ish pm, the skies were gloomy and it drizzled a wee bit too. Let’s hope it stays this way.  The kids will be going back to school tomorrow and I pray that the weather will be kind to them.

Lunch today was dim sum at Han Room… after a 30-minute (or maybe longer) wait. What? Yes, there is always a perpetual crazy long queue outside the restaurant yet people are thronging this place!   The hubby is crazy like that. I would hardly want to waste my time waiting for food but the hubby would do anything to enjoy his favorite food.

Did I tell you that Han Room recently moved a few floors up to an even bigger space?

After lunch, I brought the girls for retail therapy while the adults had cakes and tea at Alexis Bistro.

Cass’ Shopkin fever is still not over yet. She made a pact with her 2che some time back. Here’s the deal: Cass agreed to give away her Dork Diaries book to her 2che and in return, her 2che is to buy her a pack of Shopkin costing not more than RM30.

And so here they are at Aeon today. I could not help laughing at the two of them re-negotiating on the terms at the mall. After haggling for a good 20 minutes, they both settled for a pack of Shopkin that cost RM28.90.

Back home, I made the girls do a few exercises on their BM work books. First term exam is less than a month away and they (Cass and Sherilyn) are so NOT READY to sit for their BM test.  I will have to give them intensive drilling over the next few weeks to shape them up for their BM test papers. Good luck to us!


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