Tucking Into Roadside Indian Rojak & Cendol

I have not done this for donkey yonkey years – sitting at the roadside to tuck into a plate of Indian rojak and cool cendol!

I can’t even remember when the last time I did this with the hubby. I think it was way before Alycia was born. Now, that’s more than 13 years ago alright! And it felt so good to be doing it again yesterday, just the both of us, under a shady tree next to a longkang and tucking into a plate of not-so-hygienic Indian rojak with only a piece of disposable plastic paper lining a re-used zillion times and unwashed plate. The bowl where the Cendol was placed was washed in only 3 small pails of water, with hundreds of other used bowls!

Nah, it’s ok if it’s done once in a blue moon. Our body needs the germs to gain resistance  to diseases ok! 😉  And I have my Izumio to help me zap away the free radicals! 😀

After sweating it out under the 4pm El-Nino heat, we went to collect my car from the Hyundai service center.  Back home, I needed my 3rd shower for the day before I tucked into a heartwarming home-cooked dinner of chicken soup with carrot + Camerons gourd + sweet corn (where I threw in a few tablespoons of organic oats) and braised piggy tail with black beans and peanuts 🙂


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