Easter Sunday – 27 March 2016

Cass seems to have a thing for Easter Day. She’s really obsessed with those colorful Easter eggs. She used to make them in the toddlers Sunday School and still misses making them.

Cass has had a fun-filled and EggCiting Easter this year!  She got to do everything that she wanted to do on Easter this year 🙂

We almost missed Easter Service in church yesterday as I thought that there were 2 services – one at 9am and the other at 11am. When my friend replied my email at 8:45am to inform me that there was only 1 service at 9am, OMG, we rushed as if we were trying to catch a flight that’s about to board!!  Thank God for the smooth traffic and I sped like an F1 driver on Federal Highway 😀  Thank God, we were only slightly late, albeit having to walk quite a distance to the church (as all parking bays had been taken up by early birds) under the blazing El Nino heat.

My bad.

Above – Cass in church.

After church, we chilled out at Bangsar Shopping Centre. We were caught by surprise by an eggciting Easter celebration at the shopping centre.

Cass was really eggcited when she saw an Easter Bunny giving out chocolates!

We had lunch at Chilli’s…

No prize for guessing what’s next after lunch, eh?

We had dessert of rich cakes, tea and coffee at Just Heavenly. I felt really cloy as we had just finished a heavy lunch.

There was an Easter Day celebration activities for kids where FREE pop-corns and candy floss were given out. Other fun activities were egg painting and colorful sand painting.


Back home, Cass did Easter egg painting while her 2 che ches followed daddy to a basketball match, along with their two little uncles (8 and 9 years old) who  arrived from London a few days back. Later,  Cass cycled and then played football with her che ches and 2 little uncles at the pool area. She was totally knocked out by 8:30 pm and so was everyone. The weather was really hot and humid yesterday at 39 degrees Celcius and we finally succumbed to cooling off the living room area with the air-cond. Heck the RM600 electricity bill!  We just wanted some sanity and enjoy our Sunday at home! 😀

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