Attacked But I Am Winning!

Ok, it’s my turn now 🙁

Shucks, I have a bad throat and some of the symptoms that Cass had when she was down with Influenza A last week!  The hubs too has just recovered from inflammation of his tonsils. He was down and out for almost 2 weeks!  And I have been sharing a room with these 2 sick fellas for the past 1.5 weeks. It all started about 3 days ago when I felt nagging discomfort in my throat and a slight runny nose. Those pesky virus sure are virulent. But I am winning them in the battle! 😉

Yesterday I felt as if there was a raging fire inside my throat and body. It did not help that the weather has been really hot with temperature of 38-39 degrees C.  I gulped down cups after cups of water, like a camel… icy cold water that is. I couldn’t take the heat, especially after going out and exposed to the sun.  The sides of my head had short spurts of painful attacks. My body felt a tad achy. I felt as if I was walking on air. In the late afternoon, I felt slightly cold, inspite of the burning sun outside. Great!  I told Cass that her Influenza A virus has spread to me. She kept urging me to take a nap and told me that she could take care of herself.  The hubs said I needed antibiotics, just like him. But NO. I ain’t going to succumb to antibiotics. I know my body too well. Next to come would be vaginal yeast infection if I took oral antibiotics.

My home remedy to treat myself:
1. Drink hydrogen infused water. I drank 3 packets yesterday.
2. Pop carotenoids supplements. I popped 3 capsules yesterday.
3. Drink Manuka honey UFM 10+ with concentrated bee propolis – twice a day.
4. Drink coconut water and barley water.
5. Pop Esberitox – 6 capsules a day.
6. Get lots of sleep. After giving Cass a massage and putting her to sleep, I shut my room door and didn’t want to see / know what’s going on outside my bedroom. The 2 older girls should know what to do. I went to bed at 9:30pm… for the first time in years!

This morning, I was feeling a tad better. I could still do a 40-minute brisk walk. I had skipped swimming for 3 days coz it’s really uncomfortable to swim/breathe when you have phlegm.

Your body is in a better position to fight off illnesses when it is not overloaded with free radicals. Hydrogen water neutralizes & reduces free radicals in our body. And Izumio hydrogen water does just that.

I am down but not out. I am definitely winning this battle against the virus, yeeehawwww!

This is my cool breakfast this morning to soothe my cactus throat…

Homemade sugar-free yoghurt with seaweed, pecan, macadamia, walnut and pistachio (nuts are all raw). I also chowed down a slice of wholemeal bread with extra virgin coconut oil and palm sugar syrup.

Happy Friday and happy holidays peeps 🙂



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