Dental Care For Our Kids

It is important to take care of our kids’ teeth right from the time they have their baby teeth. As the kids grow, mothers or care givers should train the kids the importance of keeping their teeth clean as young as possible.

Most kids will not have much problems with their teeth if they have healthy eating habits and are trained to clean their teeth properly. Sometimes, little children do have problems that need proper dental care. Common dental problems such as tooth decay, teeth growing out of alignment or even lack of jaw space needs proper dental care. Early corrective measures will prevent further complication e.g. interfering with proper chewing or proper speech development.

Before taking our kids to a dentist, it is very important to get a good dentist who has good working experience with little children. The pleasant experience our kids have during their first visits will contribute to their openness and willingness to future visits to the dentist. If they had a traumatic experience it will be very difficult to coax them to trust dentists again.

Finding a certified and a highly qualified dentist who has good experience with little kids is never easy. My search for a good dentist in Kuala Lumpur is through the recommendation of my friend, who is a mother of 5 growing kids.

One of her older children had braces fitted because her teeth were growing out of alignment. This child has always been afraid of doctors and nurses since small. She had to be coaxed by her mom using all kinds of bribes to get her onto the dentist chair. Surprisingly, there was no coaxing or teary eyes for the following visits. She has been happily flashing her smile in spite of the braces because of something that the dentist told her!


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